This week. Can you say blah?

18 Mar

It’s an uneventful week. We finally took the car into the collision place last night. They’ll have it for about a week. In the meantime Brian has a rental and I’m driving the only vehicle with a carseat.

Not sure if I related the tale of the car accident. About a month or so ago, Brian and Jeffrey were on their way to work/school and they were stopped at a stoplight. A delivery truck drove through the intersection and it’s rear wheels sheared off and hit the car. Not a major deal. No one was hurt, the car was drivable but there’s a huge crack in the front bumper and the side panel is dented. The truck driver’s insurance is taking care of it. It’s just taken FOREVER to get moving along.

In other news, we finally got a quote for fixing our headboard that was damaged from the roof leak. We can now pass it on to Quality Homes and hopefully get everything fixed in the near future. Yay!

I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. We haven’t done our taxes yet. Jeffrey needs to go to the little gym tonight and our daycare check bounced because I’m dumb and moved the money away before it cleared. I need to pay bills. I need to finish laundry and seriously? there is no real food in our house. I’m very tired but we did decide when to have the IUD out and start trying for number two.

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One response to “This week. Can you say blah?

  1. Kellie

    March 18, 2008 at 9:28 am

    Number two?! Holy crap….if I want our second babies to be birthday buddies, too, I guess I need to get in gear, huh?

    Never knew about the accident. SO glad no one was hurt.

    I hate when I have dumb moments and move money before something cleared. Causes a crapton of unhappiness.


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