18 Mar

Yeah, so sorry to be doing this again. My mom told me to stop posting links to things that make her cry.

Anyway I found this new blog through one of my most favoritist bloggers A Little Pregnant. Julie is one of those, gee I wish I could write such amazing and thought provoking posts… but I don’t so I read hers. I found her because her son was also a 29 week preemie.

Again anyway. Julie had a link to Flotsom. They also have a lovely little preemie girl. Unfortunately unlike Julie and myself, Simone is still in the NICU. Fighting for all she is worth like all amazing preemie babies do. They are still in the extremely scarey, boy I hope my baby makes it stage. Simone was also quite a bit earlier than Jeffrey was.  Please go over, check them out and send some hopes and prayers their way. A little bit extra never hurts.

Oh yeah, I’m going to update them to the blogroll soon. Seriously, I promise. But I do actually have to do work sometime today.

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Posted by on March 18, 2008 in Great Sites, Help!


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