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Work is where it is at.

So I mentioned the work thing right? We’re down to four people in the lab when we should have five. Of course in my dream world where I actually could focus on all of the things I need to do, there would be six of us. I’m trying to not let it get to me, but my stress level is just kinda going through the roof.

We have an ASHI inspection coming up (pick a day, any day between Aug 15th and Oct 15th) which is incredibly important and I have SO MUCH to do for it and not nearly enough time or energy. We have this stupid mock inspection to get us ready for the NY state inspection in early 2012. I wouldn’t think it stupid if we weren’t having an ACTUAL inspection during the same time period. Plus it takes me about 5-6 hours to get everything together for the mock one and it’s really time better spent elsewhere.

I’ve got some special projects lined up that are gathering dust because I just can’t take a moment to look at them.

We’re supposed to be replacing our computer system sometime in the next couple months and … I am so terrified of it. The new system will be fabulous but completely different than everything have now. And right now our workflow is janky because of the ridiculous system we have now. I’m super excited for the new one but the growing pains are not something we can really afford to have right now.

We’re interviewing but haven’t hired anyone yet. Which is fine because I’m a little terrified of how to add training a new person to the list of crap to do.

End on the fact that we’re all still on call and we’ve been booming lately and that regular everyday actual work has to get out? Plus when I go home I have to be wife and mom?

Means that I’m really stressed. I hate that I look into my crystal ball and see no breaks coming. At all. I can’t take any vacation during the ASHI time period because they need me for the inspection. I’m on call at Thanksgiving and no one knows who will be on for Christmas as it was the responsibility of the person let go. So I’m looking at you 2012. You are apparently the next time that I can consider slowing down and taking a break.

That kinda makes me want to jump off a roof. I had pinned so much hope on things calming down once Brian started at Allendale. Then my job had to go and get all crazy.

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Today I am struggling

…to write a good post

…to feel positive

…to appreciate the life I have

…not to curl up in a ball and sleep


I know I have a wonderful life, an amazing child, a super husband, a good job blah blah blah

but today I am just struggling to hold myself together. I want to retreat into a cozy ball or a hot tub and not emerge until I feel reasonably human again. I don’t even have good reasons to feel this way, I’m just there and the little things are threatening to overtake me.

I’ll get over this, I’ll be fine, I’ll find myself and hammer it back into place.

Like Kellie, I could stand to hear something good.


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Just to let everyone know. 

Um, good weekend.
I fell asleep through Earth Hour but at least the lights were out.
Stressful Sunday night and Monday.
Little Gym on Tuesday. Jeffrey did awesome but does NOT want to sit, walk, play or be anywhere in the general vicinity of me. He will however climb into the laps of any other parent or instructor and act as if they are the most fascinating people in the world. I think he’s trying to make me jealous.

Have lots more to say but it will have to happen in a later post when I am less busy.

But! Dude, check out my cool little ad for Modest Needs. It’s a really great charity organization I ran across and highly recommend. Also, we’re walking for March of Dimes again. That means we’re looking for money (Thanks Aunt Bonnie!!) and would love people to join our team and walk with us.


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This week. Can you say blah?

It’s an uneventful week. We finally took the car into the collision place last night. They’ll have it for about a week. In the meantime Brian has a rental and I’m driving the only vehicle with a carseat.

Not sure if I related the tale of the car accident. About a month or so ago, Brian and Jeffrey were on their way to work/school and they were stopped at a stoplight. A delivery truck drove through the intersection and it’s rear wheels sheared off and hit the car. Not a major deal. No one was hurt, the car was drivable but there’s a huge crack in the front bumper and the side panel is dented. The truck driver’s insurance is taking care of it. It’s just taken FOREVER to get moving along.

In other news, we finally got a quote for fixing our headboard that was damaged from the roof leak. We can now pass it on to Quality Homes and hopefully get everything fixed in the near future. Yay!

I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. We haven’t done our taxes yet. Jeffrey needs to go to the little gym tonight and our daycare check bounced because I’m dumb and moved the money away before it cleared. I need to pay bills. I need to finish laundry and seriously? there is no real food in our house. I’m very tired but we did decide when to have the IUD out and start trying for number two.

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Blah blah blah

Man, I am just uninspired this week. Not that Jeffrey has stopped doing cute things or that our life has become less crazed, I’m just too tired to write about it.

I got stuck at work on Monday until 1am. Thankfully someone got a kidney out of it. That makes it slightly more worthwhile that I blew my entire evening and was exhausted all day yesterday.  I took Jeffrey into school late yesterday so that I could get a little extra sleep and let dad take him to the Little Gym. I went home and took a nap.

Hoping today runs a little better. Tonight I have a scrapbook class and then I need to do like 400 things for the party. God help me if I don’t order the cake tonight.


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This is me.Whining.

Can I just tell you all?

I’m having a bad week. A bad moment.

A moment in which I am tired of  being a mom to a tired and not feeling well toddler. One who breaks my heart with joy but still manages to exhaust me and wear out all the patience that I possess.

Brian worked late Monday, was at the ambulance Tuesday, helped out our neighbor Wednesday and has his EMT exam tonight. I’m not saying it’s been an easy week for him but I just need a night week off. Monday night J and I shopped at the mall, I stayed home with him on Tuesday because he was sick. On Wednesday he barely made it through the day at school. Today he seems better but I’m wiped out.

I need a moment away from “ea, ea, ea” (that’s eat in Jeffrey-ease) and “no car-t, more cereal, mama” Last night he wouldn’t feed himself. He actually sat on his hands while I spoon fed him cereal and held the sippy cup for him. He was sick so I didn’t want to fight.

I’m just tired. I want my husband to be home while our child is awake. I want to run away and hide somewhere else for a few days. I need a bubble bath and the feeling of being well rested.

I just need this moment to pass. To remember what a joy my little guy is and maybe a glass bottle of good wine.


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A new day

Well last week was sucky but this week is starting off on a better foot.

It is snowing. Which I am not thrilled about, but I live in upstate New York. What do you expect? I even fought to continue living here.

The contractor is coming tomorrow evening to get an estimate of what needs to be fixed in our bedroom. They are going to put up new gutters sometime? when they get a chance. I’m not sure how the snow impacts that. I’m not as worried about gutters like I was about the roof and windows, so if it takes longer. Not a big deal.

Not much else going on.


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