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Work is where it is at.

So I mentioned the work thing right? We’re down to four people in the lab when we should have five. Of course in my dream world where I actually could focus on all of the things I need to do, there would be six of us. I’m trying to not let it get to me, but my stress level is just kinda going through the roof.

We have an ASHI inspection coming up (pick a day, any day between Aug 15th and Oct 15th) which is incredibly important and I have SO MUCH to do for it and not nearly enough time or energy. We have this stupid mock inspection to get us ready for the NY state inspection in early 2012. I wouldn’t think it stupid if we weren’t having an ACTUAL inspection during the same time period. Plus it takes me about 5-6 hours to get everything together for the mock one and it’s really time better spent elsewhere.

I’ve got some special projects lined up that are gathering dust because I just can’t take a moment to look at them.

We’re supposed to be replacing our computer system sometime in the next couple months and … I am so terrified of it. The new system will be fabulous but completely different than everything have now. And right now our workflow is janky because of the ridiculous system we have now. I’m super excited for the new one but the growing pains are not something we can really afford to have right now.

We’re interviewing but haven’t hired anyone yet. Which is fine because I’m a little terrified of how to add training a new person to the list of crap to do.

End on the fact that we’re all still on call and we’ve been booming lately and that regular everyday actual work has to get out? Plus when I go home I have to be wife and mom?

Means that I’m really stressed. I hate that I look into my crystal ball and see no breaks coming. At all. I can’t take any vacation during the ASHI time period because they need me for the inspection. I’m on call at Thanksgiving and no one knows who will be on for Christmas as it was the responsibility of the person let go. So I’m looking at you 2012. You are apparently the next time that I can consider slowing down and taking a break.

That kinda makes me want to jump off a roof. I had pinned so much hope on things calming down once Brian started at Allendale. Then my job had to go and get all crazy.

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And How.

We let someone go from work this week. I won’t go into any details except to say that it was abrupt, that none of us were expecting it and that has thrown the lab into a tailspin.

First, I’m worried about this person. They had worked here for a significant amount of time and I want to see them be happy and be able to care for their family.

Second, we’re a man down. In the summer. Prime vacation time and it means that we are just scrambling to keep up the bare minimum. We only had 5 people to begin and now we’re looking at some weeks where there are only two of us here. And if one of those two gets pulled in on call? Pandemonium.

I made some lists the on Wednesday of things I need to accomplish off the bench. Then I had an anxiety attack. Did some deep breathing and I think I have it under control now but I’m also trying to keep the rest of the lab in the right frame of mind. It made me realize that we are running too lean. I’m all for efficiency but I figure it’s going to take us about a year to recover. It’ll take some time to hire someone new and then in general it takes about 6-9 months to get said person up to speed and on call. In the meantime, I’ll be training this person so my actual time will shrink down even further.

To think a few weeks ago, I thought that things were looking up. Now I just want to make it through the next year here with as little hyperventilating and as few tears as possible. Wish me luck.

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To counsel or not to counsel?

I’m in an odd place right now. I’m not flying off the handle but I’m not feeling “like I should” either. I’m wondering if I should go back to seeing a counselor again. I haven’t actually seen anyone since a particularly disastrous affair the summer post college. So it’s been eight years. I don’t know if I’m just depressed or what. I’m just sorta sucking everything inward and refusing to deal. This works well with Jeffrey but not so much with all other areas of life.

I’m not taking any meds since I’m pregnant and I’m not so bad that I think I should try playing around with new ones. God knows it took me long enough to find ones that work that I don’t want to spend the next year trying to find something that has acceptable side effects that you can also be pregnant and nursing with.

So, I don’t know. I just feel like I’m staring at a crossroads and I don’t know what direction to take. On one hand, I’ve been doing pretty well the past few years so why mess with it. On the other, while I’ve been doing well, I’ve also had some pretty severe bad patches. I needed to up my medication after we had Jeffrey and lets just say my stress level doesn’t look like it’s going down anytime soon.

I think I need a vacation. Somewhere where I can bury my head in the sand for a little bit and just let everything flow. Work is just ridiculous right now. My supervisor quit, we have a tech that moved into  his position but (due to hospital politics) it doesn’t seem like we’re going to be able to start hiring someone until December/January. That means we’re down a person in the lab that was already busting at the seams with work. Also, I’m supposed to be training the next person and really who knows what is going to happen with this pregnancy. I may very well be hanging in until April but who knows? And it’s upping the tension in the whole lab. Add in the floors, regular family crap and just daily life and I really kinda want to hide for a little bit.

Anyway. Maybe I should go back to a counselor? How do I even find one? Brian isn’t a big fan of counseling and the time and cost it incurs. I’m not sure. I just want to feel happy for a bit. I’m a big fan of happy and it just seems like it’s been harder and harder to eake out.


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So… sore throat yesterday morning meant feeling like death warmed over this morning. Skipped work but still had to drive in to pick up the pager. Brian and I had driven home together yesterday so my van was still at the hospital. I needed the van in case the pager went off and because I had a doctor’s appointment at one.

I got home tried to lay down but the pounding head was having none of it. Left at twelve thirty for the OB appointment. I wanted to get there a few minutes early and I arrived at 12:45. Yeah, the office closes for lunch until one and apparently my appointment was at 1:30. So I just sat in my car for twenty minutes and then in the office for twenty more. Whatever.

I had my IUD removed and we are one step closer to having baby number two. I discussed the inherent issues with an impending pregnancy. That I will be high risk from day one. In addition to a prenatal vitamin, I should stock up on vitamin C and E as well. They have been shown in studies to strengthen the bag of waters. I probably won’t be allowed to be as active as I want to be and hopefully I’ll get sick of seeing her and we’ll get all the way to 40 weeks. She however doesn’t think I’m crazy to have a mini-goal of 32 weeks.

As an aside. We are not actively trying to become pregnant yet. Brian is concerned that perhaps we had so many problems with Jeffrey’s pregnancy because we got pregnant too quickly. So he wants to wait and let everything settle before we start trying to conceive. So I agreed to wait until June 1st. Then we’re going into manufacturing mode. (Plus our vacation house has a hot tub. I am not missing out on the hot tubbing! That is half the reason to go on vacation. Drinking in the hot tub, singing Cure songs. What memories…)

Anyway. Back to today. I came home for the OB, tried to lay down and rest. The pager went off. #$%!!!

So now I’m at work. For hopefully a DNA typing only donor. (To anyone who doesn’t know, I work in the lab for organ transplantation).  With any luck, in 15 minutes I will give my typing to the OPO coordinator and she will give me leave to go home. Or she’ll tell me I’m stuck here for the next four hours. Either way, I’d really like to lie down and sleep.

Hopefully this will be it for today and the pager will lie quietly for the rest of the weekend. Have a good one everybody!


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I work at a hospital.

I park in a parking lot about ten minutes from the building. Every day I walk in from my car and I cross three separate crosswalks.

They are pedestrian crosswalks people. At a HOSPITAL. They are flagged by bright yellow signs and reflectors in the road.

Not to mention the myriad of people walking across them. Healthy and infirm.

My Point?


If you hit me? Assuming that I recover, I will sue you.

My Solution?

Tennis balls.

I think there should be bins of tennis balls at each of the crossings. When someone doesn’t slow down, stop, or God forbid speeds up at the crossing? We get to hurl them at their car. Maybe it will frighten them into paying attention the next time.

At the very least, I’ll feel better if I get to hurl something.


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Woo Hoo!

As of yesterday, Brian is officially the Senior Network Engineer/Administrator for Innovative Solutions!!  His official start date is June 11th. So he can finish school and we can go on vacation without any worries on our minds.

I am soo happy and he is really excited. This job seems like it will be challenging for him and (hopefully) a place where he won’t get bored. I practically jumped out of my chair yesterday when he told me.

So thanks for all the crossed fingers, obviously it worked!!


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Crossing my fingers

Okay I have 400 things to write about and most are going to be long laborious posts. So, I’m going to start here. Brian has his 4th interview with Innovative Solutions today. He’s shadowing the two owners today and I am hoping that they will make him an offer. They are a smaller company here in Rochester. It would be close to Jeffrey’s daycare, close to my work and about the same distance from home that school currently is. He is still looking into several other opportunities but this one seems the most promising so far. I am crossing my fingers that everything will work out.

Although I am willing to move and have a career path that would lend itself to moving. The plain old fact is; I don’t want to. When I arrived in Rochester in 2000, I couldn’t wait to leave. It was too cold, it was a small city, it was nothing that I wanted. I was working for Kodak and I hated my job.

Then, I married Brian. I found my job at the HLA Lab. I made some really wonderful friends. Brian’s friends morphed into my own friends. I discovered the Lilac festival, Park Ave festival, etc. I found out the city has the National Museum of Play and the Rochester International Jazz Festival. We bought a house I love and we brought our lovely boy into the world here at Golisano Children’s Hospital.

In short, I really learned to love Rochester. The weather may be cold, but the people are really warm and although we may not have blood relatives here we are surrounded by family.


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