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Dinner and a side of angst

Oh, haven’t written in an age or two.

Went to AC last night for the PACK something dinner. It was yummy, I talked to people and didn’t embarrass myself. I feel so ridiculously awkward in these settings. I can handle it, but I get all flustered and nervous before hand. All the other people are just parents. But still? I guess I’m just nervous that I’ll be too “me”. I mean, I’m loud, very rarely do I stop talking (especially if I’m nervous), I love dorky tv shows, violent foreign cinema, I’m a little evangelical about comic books and I can be intensely literal and scientific. I adore my children, but occasionally want to sell them and overall I think I’m an alright mom. They love me so I guess I must be doing okay.
I’m very comfortable with who I am. I’m just not always sure if it’s all right with everyone around me. I spent so much of my childhood and adolescence trying to be an adult, that now that I’m here? I want to lay back and enjoy the world for a bit. My biggest worry is that I’m just going to stick my foot in my mouth (see above mention of my loquaciousness). I sat next to a lovely couple at dinner who is employed as a preacher. Good to know, didn’t spout off anything ridiculous or drop any f- bombs. I did a little bit later with another set of parents, but they told me I was “funny”, so I’ll take the compliment.
I don’t know. Obviously I over-analyze and get a little too anxious. BUT. I went. and I socialized. And no one asked me to leave and I didn’t swear at anyone important. So I count the evening as a win.

Side note: I’m never sure how I feel about the new Head of School. He seems like he has good ideas, but he never smiles and that weirds me out. I can’t really get a read on him. But damn can he give a talk because every time I hear him speak? I think that he’s the Pied Piper of Allendale and that I just want to follow where he’s going.

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What I’m watching -June edition

Random rundown of the things we’ve watched in the past few weeks.

1st up -Movies

  • Green Lantern: It was okay. Not the greatest of movies but Ryan Reynolds is nice to look at. I wish that it had taken advantage of the whole green lantern core idea instead of it being Ryan Reynolds on his own. I think the CGI of the GL planet was awesome and the character of Sinestro was great. I wasn’t a huge fan of the post credit sequence. I think it would have been a better idea to use another movie to build this villain instead of revealing it at the end like this. Overall I wish it had a little less angsty Ryan Reynolds. It’s hard to watch a gorgeous guy who is an elite fighter pilot and is handed a super power mope around whining that life isn’t good enough.
  • Super 8: Best Movie of the Year so far. I LOVED this film. It brought back all my nostalgia from films like the Goonies, E.T., and Close Encounters. Yes, it was built to be this way but I totally bought into it. The relationships between the kids were believable. The leaving in the morning and not coming home until dark. I remember that!! The creature wasn’t revealed too soon but when it was, it was well done. Brian thought that the train derailment was a bit much but I was okay with a bit of overdone action/shit blowing up. I enjoyed it. Absolutely recommend seeing this!
On to DVD/Netflix instant activity
  • Machete: Of course I loved this movie. Actually I watched it once and then watched it again with Brian. It was a movie made based off a fake trailer for Grindhouse. It was handpicked for me to love. Gratuitous violence, hokey plot. Daniel Trejo and Jessica Alba… Steven Seagal is the¬†villain. I am a huge fan of Robert Rodriguez and this movie just totally did it for me. If you like grindhouse, horror/exploitation movies you’ll like this. ūüôā ¬†Gets me super excited to see the other based on a fake trailer movie Hobo with a Shotgun!
  • Man of the Year: Ugh. This movie was awful. It could have been salvaged if only it knew what it wanted to be. The first half, decent comedy. The second half, thriller involving election fraud. Together? Disjointed and unfunny. If it could have made a decision it might have been okay. A waste of two hours.
  • Party Down: A Starz show that lasted for two seasons. It has Adam Scott and Jane Lynch (1st season only) as caterers in CA. They’re all struggling actors and trying to make their dreams come true while handling¬†celebrities and¬†debutantes¬†galore.¬†I wanted to watch this based on the recommendation of the the /filmcast and it’s a great watch. The humor is dry, the characters are quirky. It fills that Christopher Guest spot in my heart and makes me laugh. I’ve only finished the first season but I’ll be sad when it comes to an end.
  • Torchwood and Dr. Who: I am a late entry in to the Whoniverse and I absolutely LOVE it. I started with the reboot in 2005 and was immediately taken with the series. I’ve watched series 1 and 2 several times at this point and I’m working my way toward the current series. I restarted it in midstride so that I could show/force Brian to watch it with me. Thankfully he forgives me these little things.
    Along with Dr. Who, I discovered the spinoff Torchwood. TW is awesome. I haven’t watched the Children of Earth series yet as I know if alienated a lot of fans but I’m getting there. They are also doing a new series in the US (WTF?) for Starz. While I’m excited to see more Jack Harkness, it’s also such a definitively British show. I’m not sure how it’s going to work when it’s not in Cardiff. Doesn’t matter though, I’ll be watching when I can. (Which of course means when it’s available for purchase or Netflix. Don’t see us springing for cable anytime soon.)
July holds more Party Down, Dr. Who and Torchwood as well as some DVD’s to watch. We’ve got Black Swan and Sunshine waiting on the telly at the moment. Can’t wait to watch and give my two cents.
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Some random happenings:

  • The baby rolled over! On Saturday for the first time from her back to tummy. And… she was pissed to find out that all that work just got her to her more hated side and not into someone’s arms.
  • I set a timer and forced her to lay on the gymini for 15 whole minutes. It was the most. horrible. thing. EVER.
  • Jeffrey is doing really well in swim class. Last night he swam around the pool waving his noodle shouting “I’m an out of control excavator!”
  • Brian told Jeffrey we’re moving. Cue 4-5 months of when questions.
  • Jeffrey totally thinks we’re moving because the house is “broken.” When asked to elaborate, he told us that the window upstairs is broken and that is why we need to leave. (One of the windows in the attic is¬†cracked. Apparently he could see it from our neighbors house.
  • A baby hawk¬†landed outside our window the other day. I spent several hours stalking it and trying to take it’s picture.
  • I can’t believe we have to pack up the house. Argh.
  • We are getting pictures done of the kids on Saturday. Yay!
  • The baby is starting to be much more alert and interested in things around her. Of course, this makes breastfeeding a little more challenging.
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In which, I lose my train of thought in 5…4…3…

So many things I haven’t written about

  • Like how freaking cold it was this weekend. There was a frost advisory, seriously tell Mother Nature that things are screwed up because it’s the end of May and I expect warmth and capri pants.
  • Or how this used to be a blog where I wrote stuff about myself but has simply become a vehicle for cute child updates and anecdotes.¬†¬†¬† Not sure I can really justify fighting that one since i am henpecking this while Elena feeds from me. or just the fact that in reality my life revolves around my children and that I am beginning to be defined as a mom
  • My van? my lovely lovely van? Once again the headlights have burnt out. This will be the 4th time in a year that we’ve had to replace the headlights. Also, my rear passenger tire has been leaking air ever since we had to to the mechanic 2? months ago. Hoping to get that taken care of that this week sometime.

You know I seriously had this whole post written out in my head. And…. now? There is a little girl sleeping in my lap and I’m having a hard time focusing on anything but her. This is why I am unable to get anything done here at the house. She is just beautiful and sweet and angelic and wow. but then again, I am hungry and she’s preventing me from getting to the kitchen.

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Where I’ve been

I haven’t died. There is an ie credibly adorable little girl snuggling on my chest or in my arms. She makes it difficult to do things. Things like type or cook food or fold laundry. We have not made it into the blessed land of routines yet. We are simply in the can’t spoil a baby and can’t force a routine stage. As much as I would like to sit her down and clean for a few hours? I know I’m going to miss the snugglebunny, falling asleep on my chest phase. She’s perfect and growing and angelic and I’m going¬† to try and enjoy her as much as possible.


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Just to Remember

Things I want to remember:

  • How much easier breastfeeding is this time around. So much easier!¬† The pain is less, the discomfort is less, the time involved is so much longer but it’s totally worth it. On average Elena is eating anywhere between 10 and 14 times a day. At about a half hour per feeding? I’ll let you do the math for how much time I have a baby stuck to my boob.
  • That the first two or three minutes of breastfeeding are spent giving my boobs angry eyes. She glares at them like how dare they .give milk fast enough. After a few minutes, her brow relaxes and she calms down, her eyes settle and she just looks at me calmly.
  • How snug and small she is. She loves to curl up on our shoulders or chest and snuggle in. She is an excellent snuggler. I forget how amazing and wonderful it is to have a little bug snuggled up on my chest.
  • It’s amazing how much quicker this seems to be going this time around. I can’t believe that Elena is going to be 4 weeks old on Sunday. I remember how all of these weeks and stages seemed to stretch out forever with Jeffrey, this time around I already know how quickly time passes and it seems like I’ll be back at work and missing her in a flash.
  • I love the faces that Elena makes. She makes these horrid faces when she’s waking up and dreaming. She scrunches up her face and her nose and purses her lips. She’s gorgeous and beautiful and I am amazed by her.

I want to try and remember some of the simple little things about being home with Elena. Partly for scrapbooking, partly just for remembering, I want to make sure that I don’t forget all of the little stuff that happens during the time that I’m home with her.

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    In Labor

    So, I’m having a baby right now. See Jeffrey’s blog for updates.

    We’re twittering updates in the right-hand column there.

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