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The Grind

Brian’s job sucks. The hours blow, his free time is non-existent, and his stress level is through the roof. He is moody and miserable and I am trying SO HARD to be happy cheery lady of the house. But I was not made for this. I am a glass half empty girl. I deal in harsh reality and the idea that if you prepare for the worst, whatever happens will be easier. Brian is light and fun and optimistic. He has such a giving nature and he loves his family and friends tremendously. I miss that Brian.

I’m trying to give him the ability to feel the way he feels. I don’t want him to have to cover it up and act happy but I want things to change so that he WILL be happy. I’m ready for him to find a new job, a new career, a new whatever. As long as it brings him back up from the depths.

It’ll turn. Soon I hope. He’ll move on or up or into a better place when the timing is right. I just want him to be happy. It makes me sad to watch him be so burnt out on life.

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Romantic surprise

Brian tried to be romantic the other day.
I came home from volleyball and there was a trail of rose petals into our bedroom and on the bed. (Aww… how sweet!)
Unfortunately I didn’t turn the light on when I went to take a shower and didn’t notice.
Then I went back downstairs to him and we promptly both fell asleep on the couch.
Around 3am we crawled upstairs into our bed and woke up in the morning with a Jeffrey snuggled beside me.

Jeffrey was completely weirded out by the flower petals. “Why did you kill the flowers!” “What happened to the flowers!!”  Elena began picking them up, singing “Clean up time, clean up time,everybody everywhere…”

So goes romance in the Meehan household.

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I heart Thinkgeek. Not only do they have a plush TALKING bacon!! but they also have a papercraft zombie calendar. It may be the coolest thing I have ever experienced.

Is it sad that Brian and I do most of our shopping for one another there? That I am a sucker for all things undead and end of days? They also have chemistry and dorky shirts. We both want to have a regular shower again just so we can buy shower curtains that a goofy and fun.

We are odd. We are both geeks. That makes me very happy. 🙂

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love is
knowing that eight years have passed
and it feels like forever
and it feels like yesterday 

It’s the rush of raw emotion
and the quiet simmer of desire
knowing that time and age and looks
Hold no sway 

Love is
in the softness of your touch
the quiet of your eyes
the warmth of your hand
in mine.

love is
hearing our child in the night
knowing I have a Partner
to share, to help
to ride the steep curves
of life

love is
Eight years until forever
I loved you once
I love you now
I love you always
My partner. My friend
My husband.


Happy Anniversary Brian. I love  you.
May there be many more years to follow.


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Surgery, Pictures and Snow -Oh My!

We met with Dr. Hengerer last week. He is the ENT we were sent to so that we could determine what to do about Jeffrey’s adnoids and congestion issues. Who knew my child would do so well with having a camera stuck up his nose? Not I. He cried a bit but stayed relatively calm for an almost 3 year old. The doctor determined that he does indeed have HUGE adnoids and that they need to be removed. Apparently it’s quite a feat that he hasn’t been stricken down by multiple ear infections and assorted colds.

Moreover, his tonsils are also giant and may need to come out as well. This will be determined by whether or not he is suffering from sleep apnea. So we get to do a sleep study. Yay! I can’t imagine anything more fun that strapping my child with wires, instructing him not to rip them off and then asking him to fall asleep in a strange place. Whatever, I have been assured that they work with pediatrics quite often and will be able to facilitate this process. I trust our doctor so I’ll go with that.  So. The end of January will be the sleep study and sometime late February, early March will be the adnoid/possible tonsilectomy.

I’ll be glad when it’s all over. It’ll be so nice for him to actually be able to breathe. Also, I’d like it to be done prior to baby #2. Something tells me that toddler recovering from surgery and newborn would be a BAD mixture.

Finally got Christmas pictures done. Jeffrey did really well and we ended up with some awesome pictures. Brian is going to pick them up today so that we can get Christmas cards sent out (possibly in the same month as Christmas!)

And lastly? Snow sucks. I think we seriously need a snowblower. We borrowed our neighbors twice this weekend and I don’t think we can continue to do that all winter. We got about a foot and a half of snow between Friday and Saturday. Nothing otherworldly but geesh what an entrance for winter! Jeffrey helped Brian shovel on Saturday. Very cute, following Dada around outside, then he came in and had hot chocolate and read books with me.  🙂

And….. best news ever!  Or at least best news this week! Brian got a job offer. Starts on Jan 5th. Company sounds okay, the money is decent and Brian seems happy with it. It’s a six month temp to hire position but it looks pretty good.
So thank you to everyone that has let me vent to them about his job loss and concerns about finances. It really helped to have some shoulders to cry on. Hopefully this means I can stop worrying about our house and that daycare can finally get paid. Yay!!


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This and that

Sorry I’ve been so lax about posting lately. Here’s the long and short of it all.

Baby is doing well. No major issues.

I have been having some problems with dizzyness and vertigo after eating but I am successfully ignoring the issue thus far. I did call my doc and their recommendation was to get my glucose screening done earlier than planned. Totally did not do that because currently I have no insurance cards and I’m afraid that I can’t afford to have the test done. We DO have insurance coverage but it’s taking them a while to proces it, although they ensure me that everything will be retroactive back to December 1st. But as of last Friday it still showed that we have no coverage and that means pay everything in full and then submit a claim. Of course no one can tell me up front how much anything costs so again, not sure if we can afford it or not.

We had to change insurance because Brian lost his job. I’m not going into any of the particulars other than he is heavily looking right now but it is the fourth quarter and almost Christmas so it’s looking like January is our best hope.  He’s got some really good leads but nothing that starts immediately. Basically it’s making our world suck a lot right now but we’ll get through it.

And the good news….

Went out and cut down a Christmas tree this weekend. First time I had ever done that. I took almost 200 pictures of the experience. Jeffrey had a good time and the tree is gorgeous. Who knows how long it will take for us to get it decorated. Hopefully it will get more than lights on it before Christmas. We did pull all the decorations down from the attic but I haven’t gotten to any of them yet.

Went to see Quantum of Solace with Brian and some friends on Saturday. I had free tickets for us all because of giving blood. They give you a free ticket everytime you donate and I had saved them up. We liked the movie, could have used more sex. Daniel Craig is too hot (and seriously, it’s a Bond movie) to not have shots of him without clothing.

All in all. Good weekend.

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Love is… Anniversary Edition

Yesterday Brian and I belatedly celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. I cannot believe that it’s been over seven years since I first set eyes on my Brian.

In the past six years I have been gifted with an amazing man. Brian is one of the most heartfelt human beings that I have ever known. He has a deep soul and a compassion that isn’t found in most others. He holds fervent beliefs but he’s almost always willing to take a turn and hear my point of view. I can truly say that our love has deepened and grown over the past years and will continue to grow as we journey through life.

I think that Jeffrey coming early taught Brian that I am stronger that he once thought. I’ve noticed since then, that he’s not as quick to leap to my rescue. I appreciate that. I was raised as a strong woman and for the most part, I can take care of myself. But I also know that he’s always there to lean on. I think we’ve discovered that we make a good team, we balance one another out. He’s late, I’m early. I’m timid, he’s adventurous. We’ve helped pull each other away from our extremes and our safe places and into new and exciting experiences.

I look back to before we met. I was going to be single for awhile. (He was the first man I met in Rochester). I was going to go to grad school and get my PhD. (He supported me when I realized how much I hated it). I was not really interested in having children. (Can you say Jeffrey)? Because of his support and love instead of dwelling on dreams that were lost, I made new dreams and goals.

In short, I love my husband. With every moment that passes I realize that my love and his continues to grow and take new paths. He shares in my joys and sorrow and supports me no matter what.

When my mother met him for the first time, she told me “Don’t let him go.” The family loved him from the first time they met.

Don’t worry everyone, I’m holding on tight.


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