Therapy sessions and sports, Oh my.

28 Mar

We had Jeffrey’s CPSE meeting last week. He qualifies for summer physical therapy and we talked about the fall. Of course it was super complicated because we’re sending him to Margaret’s House for kindergarten and so it’s not done in the district we live in. It’ll have to got through Rush-Henrietta’s service coordinator and blah blah blah. In the end the important thing is that he got approved for 2x weekly physical therapy during school.

I enjoy the CPSE meeting to discuss Jeffrey’s progress and see how encouraged his therapist is but I hate the evaluation. His eval is basically six pages of what is wrong with your kid. They are all things we already know but every time we get one done I want to cry. I feel myself telling the piece of paper all the things he CAN do and how awesome he is. I know it’s a necessary thing for them to do. He has to be evaluated to continue his services. I think I should just stop reading them and just talk to his therapist instead.

We’re going to try and start a sport of some type this summer. We’re looking into t-ball, swimming and horseback riding. Our PT was particularly excited about riding because it’s a rare case where he can’t cheat his brace. To ride he’ll have to put his heels down and stretch out his muscles. Plus he really has poor core strength and it will help that as well.

It’s weird to compare the kids. Elena can jump. She just did it. It was so odd to see how effortless it was for her and how difficult it still is for him. They’re different, I know that. I’m even glad of that. I still wish I could make it easier for him though.

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