My kids are funny

16 Nov

Things I have laughed/groaned about in the past week:

  • Jeffrey finally noticed that his sister doesn’t have a penis. Seriously dude? She’s almost two and you take baths together every other night.
  • Elena is giving words to everything. They mostly sound like kock, (sock, book, walk, stop)  kuck (truck, yuck) and caa (car, cat, cake, candy, etc). It’s kinda confusing.
  • Elena thinks the guy on the verizon billboard on 390 is Brian. Everyday when we pass it. “Hi Dada! Hi Dada! Hi Dada!” complete with furious pointing.  The dude looks NOTHING like Brian. Jeffrey thinks this is the funniest thing ever.
  • Jeffrey drew a family portrait at school yesterday. Included in our family; mom, dad, jeffrey, elena, a dinosaur, alex, sophie, shaya (kids in his class) and several unnamed creatures.
  • Jeffrey’s PT is leaving us for a better job. He made her a card and brought her some flowers to say goodbye.  His card was hysterical. The front had Elizabeth’s house, a flower and a baby volcano. Her house was brown because it was covered in dirt and the volcano was erupting. The back of the card had the volcano (still erupting), no flower (because “flowers don’t live forever mom!”), no house (it burnt down from the lava) and Elizabeth playing in the sprinkler. Of course then he explained “she’s naked because it is summer time and hot.”
  • The kids got school pictures done last week. Elena is glaring at the camera in all of hers and Jeffrey’s made clear that he really needs a haircut. I love them.

It’s been a crazy bit of time. I’m hoping this week is a little slower, I still need to dig through the basement boxes in the hopes that I can find my winter coat.



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Posted by on November 16, 2010 in happy, kids


One response to “My kids are funny

  1. MaryP

    November 19, 2010 at 4:02 pm

    I love that card. Love, love, love it. Seems mom isn’t the only one in the house with (how did you put it in that first post I read?) an inclination to ‘end of days’ stuff…


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