The littlest things

25 Oct

In case you’ve been held in suspense, the Vanderzell’s did indeed have their baby. He is beautiful, I got to hold him and he spent a few nervous days in the NICU before being released on Sunday. He cried when I first held him and I warned him that it is not a nice way to greet your future mother-in-law. Yes he and Elena are betrothed. Of course.

Speaking of the littlest thing. She did not choose to sleep last eve. In fact she was downright furious when we expected her to stay in her crib, by herself. It was partly upsetting and partly comical to see how angry she got. Her volume crescendos  and she sort of shrieks at you, she stamps her little feet and I have to hold myself back from filming her. It’s just so. dramatic. I have no idea what was wrong. We held her, we rocked her, we gave her milk, she didn’t like the feet on her pajamas so we changed her pajamas, we changed her diaper, we brought her downstairs, we took her upstairs, it just didn’t matter. Finally she ended up in bed with us where she wedged herself lengthwise between Brian and I, kicking him and clawing me.

Not really the best night of rest I’ve had. I was almost hoping the pager would go off so that I could escape to work. I’m hoping tonight will be better.

Other than not sleeping, she’s been fantastic. Her vocabulary is finally beginning to grow. She loves “cas” (cars) and “kucks” (trucks) and “bus.” My Truck is Stuck is our new most favorite book in the world, followed closely by On the Road. We read these multiple, multiple times per day. It’s just hard to say no when she runs up to you with the book, turns herself around, deposits herself in your lap and then grabs your hands to turn the pages. She’s so much fun.

She’s really determined and does not give in about anything. I was watching her play outside with Jeffrey and I’m just amazed at how active she is. She climbs up on the porch (an act that takes several clumsy minutes for Jeffrey) and she barely pauses. She just steamrolls her way through whatever is in her path.

They’re both awesome. I feel lucky to have such great kids. I’m really glad I get the opportunity to watch them grow up.

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