The one about the girl

03 May

The girl is growing up. Why do they continue to do that? As much as I love them getting bigger and moving about on their own, I could always do with a bit more snuggling and soft baby sighs.

Baby E is a year old now, actually 13 months. She’s 23 lbs, in the 95th percentile for both height and weight. She had her very first cold last week. She is sunny and stubborn and I can already tell she’s going to be a tough one.

She has two expressions; glee- her whole face lights up and she dizzies you with her happiness. And the puss face- she stares down her nose at you with disdain for whatever you happen to have done wrong. It’s such a delightful dichotomy.

She loves me best of all. It’s a hallowed place and while occasionally I would like to hand her off to someone, this time I know how short this time is and I try to relish the closeness of this little person who wants nothing more than being in Mama’s arms.

She doesn’t have any words yet but she babbles constantly. She LOVES the phone, any phone and will pick up just about anything and press it to her ear in an imagined conversation. Every time Brian answers her cell, she answers as well. She loves to sing little happy songs and she bobs and dances to all types of music. If you sing to her, you’re rewarded with clapping and her brilliant smile. In the car, she will clap her feet together for you.

Her favorite toy is Jeffrey’s old rocking horse, but only when it plays music. When the song is not playing she just sits and stares you down. As soon as a tune starts she immediately begins rocking as quickly as can be.

She refuses to walk.  She’ll hold onto your hands and clearly could be doing this without you as she pulls you along, but try to get her to do it on her own? No way.  She will not eat food from me on a fork. I have to put it on her tray and let HER poke it with HER fork. And don’t even think about helping her.

She can sign for “milk” and “all done”. She loves fruits and climbing endlessly up and down our stairs. She is such an amazing, passionate little person. I love watching her personality emerge.

My favorite times are at night. Putting her to bed, I turn out the lights, turn on her sound machine and we rock in the chair. Sometimes we have a bottle, occasionally not. She’ll sit looking out at the room and when she starts to squirm, she’ll flip over so that we’re chest to chest and she’ll sigh. This deep heavy sigh and you can feel all the stress wick out of her and she’ll be asleep. A warm heavy weight on my chest. I nuzzle her hair and it smells of strawberries, sunscreen and baby shampoo. I love the feel of her wispy hair and the smell of my baby as I settle her down in the crib. It’s the best thing, that she can fall asleep on me, with me and that I get to feel like I’m the one she loves best.

Every night, it reminds me of why it is so wonderful to be a mom.

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