the one about the boy

20 Apr

You know I never did a birthday post this year. For either kid. It’s been such a draining all encompassing year so far. Things are starting to settle down but I feel bad that I missed sharing about their special milestones.

So here are some things you may have missed about the boy.

On Saturday he asked me if we could look at pictures on tv of the volcano in Iceland.  He said he heard about it on the news in the kitchen. 🙂 Thanks to NPR, my child knows more world news than most adults. When I told him we would look to see if it was on the news? He told me no Mama, I want to look on the tv, not on the news. Because… in our house the tv doesn’t HAVE news on it, only the radio.

We’re thinking about signing him up for some language classes. His teachers at school agree that it would be a good exercise for him. He’s so far ahead in his English language skills and I found a place in the city that specifically works with kids. We’re hoping to start him learning Chinese (I’m assuming it would be Mandarin, but it didn’t clarify on the schools website). I emailed back and forth and they said they have a lot of experience with four year olds and that it would be a good age to begin.

We got approved for physical therapy throughout the summer and next year. We met at the new school district and I feel a lot more comfortable with them now. He’s making good progress, he can take a two footed jump now and I think he’s finally mastered a true run. He’s still dreadfully behind his peer group but still he’s making progress. I think when they retested him he scored a 2%. So no fear that he won’t qualify for services.

He is losing the occupational therapy. They’ll finish up with him at the end of this school year and then he’ll be monitored by his physical therapist in case he needs to be reaccessed. He was at or above his age group in everything but self care and we think that has more to do with his gross motor skills than anything else.

We’ve started playing with real Lego’s and he’s doing Really Really well. I am astounded by the creativity (and dexterity) he’s using with them.

His artistic skills are pretty amazing as well. He likes to draw machines that he’s created as well as volcano’s, trains, bridges and any other possible mechanical thing. It’s really amazing to see how aware he is spatially. He already understands the concept of drawing three dimensions and giving things perspective. And when he draws his machines, he has these complicated mechanisms that have to happen on the inside. He’s really blowing my mind with the things he comes up with.

We went through a rough patch a few weeks ago where discipline became an issue but we seem to have worked through it and he’s been really good for the past week or two.

He’s the best little guy I could imagine. His smile is infectious, his enthusiasm is boundless. He loves learning about new things, and asking questions. He loves books. We’re reading some chapter books now and he’s starting to really enjoy himself with them. He’s starting to enjoy being helpful with his sister. He likes to show her off at school and the teachers all say that he is very sweet to her when they’re together. I couldn’t imagine my life without them.

He’s four now. He loves running up to strangers and announcing “Hi! My name is Jeffrey! I’m four!” It’s hard to not find him charming and I am so proud that he’s my little guy. Don’t get me wrong, he can be difficult and exhausting but I wouldn’t trade away one minute with him.

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