Love Thursday -Scrapping

25 Feb

Last night my pictures came from Awesome website, reasonable prices and they have custom sizes that are perfect for scrapbooking.

I am going away for the weekend to a crop. I’m spending three days not thinking about our house, or what needs painted. Three days where no one will follow me into the bathroom or demand that I tuck them in for the thousandth time. Three days where I get to recharge.

I am going to work on pages that I have (for once) semi pre-planned. I will look at my beautiful babies and create pages about them that can be shared and hopefully one day shared and passed on to their children. I don’t scrapbook my kids chronologically. If I did that, I’d constantly be behind the ball and trying to catch up. Then my fun hobby would become work. So, instead I do pages about great days, perfect expressions and experiences or just plain old great pictures that I want to remember and preserve.

Some of what I’m hoping to accomplish:

  • I’m going to revisit our trip to the Pittsburgh zoo two summers ago
  • Elena outside in the leaves this fall
  • Jeffrey eating a pear like it was the greatest thing in the world
  • Our first experience cutting down our own Christmas tree before Elena was born
  • Jeffrey decked out with his guitar hero “gihar”
  • Jeffrey’s last swim class
  • Elena with Abigail (Bridget’s dog)
  • Jeffrey and my mom playing with water guns this past summer

Hopefully I’ll be successful. For sure I’ll have fun. I love looking through the pictures and remembering all the fun that we had. I love capturing that look of joy on my kids faces.

So. Happy love Thursday everyone. Relax, recharge and scrapbook!


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2 responses to “Love Thursday -Scrapping

  1. Kellie

    February 25, 2010 at 3:53 pm

    I tried to scrapbook. I not only sucked at it, I found it was like another chore I had to get done. Maybe because I DID attempt to do it chronologically. Maybe I should try your way.

    Have a fantastic time! You deserve the getaway 🙂

    • Dani

      February 25, 2010 at 4:27 pm

      I think it’s the key. I don’t want it to be another chore for me to do. Instead it gets to be arts and crafts for adults. I love that I get to play with stamps and paint and stickers. I really enjoy myself.


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