Now I’m getting excited!

03 Feb

Friday at 2pm.
We will officially own our new house and our old one and the evil buyers can  become a distant memory. Yay!!!

So now we can start picking out paint and carpet and calling movers to move our stuff in. Vicky (who we’re purchasing from) needs a few more days to get her stuff out. She’s had movers on hold because of all the holdups. We told her to feel free to take her time. We have no intention of moving in this weekend anyway.

Our next tasks are:

  • Carpet for the living room. (She had a new puppy and he had some accidents in there)  I would just get it steam cleaned but with the baby crawling, I really want to replace it.
  • Paint the accent wall in living room
  • Checking out Jeffrey’s wall. There is a huge corkboard attached to the wall that is painted over. I want to see what condition the wall is behind it and then we  need to either repair and paint or just paint.
  • Paint Baby E’s room.
  • Paint the hallway upstairs. Right now it is dark blue and it makes the hall seem very claustrophobic.
  • Build a walk-in closet in the master bedroom, paint and possibly replace the carpet.  -Our goal there is to next summer take out the existing closet and make it into a doorway to the bathroom. Then we’re going to split the gigantic 11×20 bathroom into two, making a master bath and a kids bath. Right now I don’t have a tub for the kids. All I have is a huge whirlpool tub where the jets don’t work. -but that will all happen next year…

And then… move in. Squee! My goal then will be to get kids rooms, kitchen and play room operational, then worry about moving us all out of Bridget’s . I’m trying to lessen the transition for the kids since they’ve been having a tough go of it.  I’m thinking if I have all of their stuff unpacked first and in their places, then they will have a comfortable “homey” place until we get everything else unpacked.

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Posted by on February 3, 2010 in housing


One response to “Now I’m getting excited!

  1. Kellie

    February 3, 2010 at 6:39 pm

    I am SO happy to read this post! I imagine the relief you guys must be feeling is HUGE!!


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