Love Thursday -It’s the little things

10 Dec

We went and got a tree the day after Thanksgiving. We still haven’t put lights on it. Yeah I know, we’re slackers. At least we have the thing. We went to Stokoe Farms to cut down the tree. Each year Santa Claus parachutes into Stokoe with an elf to begin the Christmas season. It was pretty cool. It was really windy and they came in pretty fast. Jeffrey was amazed and awed, sitting atop Brian’s shoulders. I was glad we were able to see it. We bailed on actually cutting down a tree since it was too cold and we weren’t wearing quite enough clothing for the weather. We opted instead for an already cut tree. Jeffrey helped pick it out and we wandered around the farm for a bit. They have a huge hay bale with pipes underneath for the kids to climb through, a little outdoor play going on. There was food inside and gifts and trinkets for the holidays. We had a good time.

Jeffrey’s favorite moment. That he STILL hasn’t stopped talking about. The porta potty he got to use with Dada. “It doesn’t have a sink!” Amazing. “It doesn’t flush!” Astounding.  He talks about it constantly.
On the way into work today we saw one on the side of the road at a construction site. His face lit up and he shouted “Mama, there is one of those Strange potties!” I know buddy. We’re so lucky aren’t we.

So. Happy Love Thursday. May the little excitements of our days warm your heart and stay away from the “strange” potties.

BTW- Check out Mir. She’s who I steal the Love Thursday idea from. 🙂 Thanks!

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One response to “Love Thursday -It’s the little things

  1. Kellie

    December 11, 2009 at 4:11 pm

    I say get the boy one for Christmas 🙂


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