And then a whole bunch of stuff happened

25 Sep

We found the perfect house (and it WAS perfect).
And we lost the perfect house (stupid people making Cash offers. WTF!)

We’re looking and looking and looking now and nothing is jumping at me. (But I’m patient).
We’re trying to sell ours. We have a showing tomorrow and another open house on Sunday. (Send us good vibes!)

The baby is growing bigger and she’ll be 6 months old this week. ?!?!
She’s learned how to pump her legs and make the car seat rock. It makes her very happy.
She also likes to lift her legs up and slam them back down when she wants to wake up from the crib.
I’ve started calling her Princess Kicky Pants. It fits her and she smiles when I call her that.
She is almost sitting up on her own. She’ll play for a bit before tipping over.
She took her first bath with the ring to sit up with. She very much enjoyed it.
She laughs and smiles and is generally very happy.

But she still is not sleeping through the night consisntently.
I am tired.

Jeffrey is visiting Grandma. Going to the Trolley museum and generally having a fabulous time. We get random one sentence snippets from him on the phone. “I watched a movie. It had a railroad crossing! BYE!” They’re all very cute.
It’s been a week now. I miss him and his snuggley squirmey cuddles.

Work has been crazy and we’ve been looking at houses like wild people. I miss writing here and I’m hoping I’ll have more time soon. I’d like to have more time to scrape out my insides and heave them onto paper.

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Posted by on September 25, 2009 in craziness, housing, kids


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