happy; indifferent; and Sad

20 Aug

So big news today. The baby slept for 7+ hours.  I put her down around 10:30 last night and **I woke her!** at 6:30am.  This means that I slept for 7 whole contiguous hours. Wow. Seriously people, sleep is important.

Jeffrey continues to recover. I’m starting to think that the refrain of “my mouth hurts” is more due to attention than to pain. Thank God because I am getting tired of all this. He’s gone two nights now without waking up for pain medication and is slowly becoming less miserable in the mornings.

We were supposed to go to my mom’s this weekend and take the kids to Idlewild Park but a whole host of things made this less than possible. First, we are not done getting the house ready to sell and I really want to get that finished. Second, my father has gigs Friday, Saturday and Sunday so he wasn’t going to be able to go with us. And the whole point was that we could all go together. Last, unfortunately my great Uncle Stu died and his funeral is going to be on Saturday.  So. Now we are meeting my Dad in Erie tonight and transferring my Mom to him.

We’ve been told to not worry about the funeral.  And I tend to agree that dragging two children to a funeral is probably not the greatest idea. But I’m still feeling bad about it. I loved my uncle. He was living in a home near Pittsburgh and we tried to stop and visit every chance we had.  Unfortunately he wasn’t able to meet Elena but we took Jeffrey to visit several times and tried our best. He’ll be missed. He was a good man. He was always good to me and my parents. It was a long battle for him and while I’ll mourn, I truly hope that he’ll be at peace now.

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Posted by on August 20, 2009 in Elena, Family, Jeffrey


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