29 Jul

Some random happenings:

  • The baby rolled over! On Saturday for the first time from her back to tummy. And… she was pissed to find out that all that work just got her to her more hated side and not into someone’s arms.
  • I set a timer and forced her to lay on the gymini for 15 whole minutes. It was the most. horrible. thing. EVER.
  • Jeffrey is doing really well in swim class. Last night he swam around the pool waving his noodle shouting “I’m an out of control excavator!”
  • Brian told Jeffrey we’re moving. Cue 4-5 months of when questions.
  • Jeffrey totally thinks we’re moving because the house is “broken.” When asked to elaborate, he told us that the window upstairs is broken and that is why we need to leave. (One of the windows in the attic is cracked. Apparently he could see it from our neighbors house.
  • A baby hawk landed outside our window the other day. I spent several hours stalking it and trying to take it’s picture.
  • I can’t believe we have to pack up the house. Argh.
  • We are getting pictures done of the kids on Saturday. Yay!
  • The baby is starting to be much more alert and interested in things around her. Of course, this makes breastfeeding a little more challenging.
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Posted by on July 29, 2009 in Family, General, Update


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