Ruining the Kidlets

08 Jul

So do you think I’m ruining my children? I generally enforce a no tv policy for the children in the household. Jeffrey has watched virtually no television during his three years with the GIANT exception being the past few weeks while he’s been ill. Once he is at full health we’ll be reinstating the ban.
Since becoming a parent I’ve just become much more aware at how inappropriate everything seems for my kids. Not to mention the crap that is marketing to children through tv. I want control over what my children bring into their little minds.
So. Hopefully my little social experiments will not be tarnished by the fact that I completely ignore my own rule when they are babies and I want to turn on the tube. I do it so that I stay awake while breastfeeding in the middle of the night. Plus Elena has no schedule and seriously? I was not missing an episode of Lost. I would wither and die.

So I wonder if I’ve ruined them by watching and listening to inappropriate (wildly inappropriate) crap while they are innocent babes. With Jeffrey we spent many a day watching Oz on HBO. What? Babies need to know what to do with a shiv. Cribs are sorta like jail. Elena has had much milder fare, we’ve just listened to about a hundred or so Savage Lovecasts. Hopefully it will make her confident and proud of her own sexuality… when she’s 25. I’m not really concerned but I do find it amusing that I’ve banned Bob the Builder from the house but Dan Savage? He’s welcome anytime. 🙂


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3 responses to “Ruining the Kidlets

  1. jen brugger

    July 9, 2009 at 8:45 pm

    you crack me up. We did the same thing, till we find out that she watches tv at school if she’s there past 5:30pm. That kind of sucks and no, they are not child appropriate.
    Good for you, but I don;t think there will be any harm done by you watching and listening to tv while they were or are babies…we’ve all done it. If that’s the case, what about while we were all pregnant…boy the stuff I watched and listend to…we may be in trouble! ha ha ha

  2. Kellie

    July 10, 2009 at 6:17 pm

    I see no harm. None.

    I didn’t have this ban, but I do restrict what she can watch. SpongeBob? Hell to the fricken no. She loves Jack’s Big Music Show, Little Einsteins (although, some of the episodes of L. E., I don’t let her watch–that Big Jet dude is scary and MEAN!). She loves Phineas and Ferb on Disney and while it’s probably aimed for older children, she loves it. She sings and dances and has, actually, learned about crazy things like how Jell-O goes from powder to Jell-O.


  3. MaryP

    July 27, 2009 at 10:51 am

    I was really strict with my own children about television, and the daycare tots watch absolutely none, but I don’t believe for a minute you’ve done them any harm with your own habits.

    The idea is to teach them, when they’re old enough to understand the concepts, some form of discretion and self-monitoring. In the very early years, you don’t want them to develop the habit/addiction. As they get older, you’ll introduce it intelligently, talking about what you see.

    TV has always been well down the heirarchy of ‘things to do in our spare time’. When my children were 5 – 10 or so, if there was a show they wanted to see, I’d watch it with them the first few times, and we’d talk about why it was or wasn’t worth watching, and I got the final say whether they watched it. As they approached their teens, we’d have the same discussion — only, after listening to my input (respectfully!!), they’d get to make their own decision.

    Now they’re in their teens and twenties, none of them watches much at all. Too busy doing other things! (Now, my son’s computer games? Whole ‘nuther story…)


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