Woot. A post not about children :)

01 Jul

Okay how about a post that doesn’t concern my children or our health? Imagine that. I’m starting to miss writing on the blog and especially miss writing about things other than the kids. Once upon a time this was a place for me to jot down what I felt about the world. 

So here are a few random observations. First Michael Jackson died and so the kids and I listened to his music off the iPod on the way to school today. While I walked in from the car I listened to Thriller and tried to restrain myself from doing that zombie dance move from the video. Brian said over the weekend that there were flash mobs doing it in London and NYC.

I thought that was pretty cool. I mean whatever you think of the guy, he was definitely messed up but for my generation, he was also the music most of us identified with. I can’t think of a person growing up that wouldn’t have know all the words to Billie Jean or laughed at Fat -Weird Al’s parody of Bad.

My second non child related rant. What the hell is up with the NY state Senate? The Republicans started this stupid coup that was successful then sorta failed and now there is no governing being done at all. I usually don’t discuss politics here because I don’t want my family to rise up and revolt against me but these people are pissing me off! It seems like no one in Albany has any concern at all over their constituents, or even attempting to make themselves look good. What happened to governance that actually cared about the people they represent. I just want to get rid of them all and start over!

To end, I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard of the Philippine prison that uses large scale dances for rehabilitation. They’re really cool. I highly recommend checking out some of their videos on youtube. But here’s their dancing tribute to MJ.

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