In which, I lose my train of thought in 5…4…3…

19 May

So many things I haven’t written about

  • Like how freaking cold it was this weekend. There was a frost advisory, seriously tell Mother Nature that things are screwed up because it’s the end of May and I expect warmth and capri pants.
  • Or how this used to be a blog where I wrote stuff about myself but has simply become a vehicle for cute child updates and anecdotes.    Not sure I can really justify fighting that one since i am henpecking this while Elena feeds from me. or just the fact that in reality my life revolves around my children and that I am beginning to be defined as a mom
  • My van? my lovely lovely van? Once again the headlights have burnt out. This will be the 4th time in a year that we’ve had to replace the headlights. Also, my rear passenger tire has been leaking air ever since we had to to the mechanic 2? months ago. Hoping to get that taken care of that this week sometime.

You know I seriously had this whole post written out in my head. And…. now? There is a little girl sleeping in my lap and I’m having a hard time focusing on anything but her. This is why I am unable to get anything done here at the house. She is just beautiful and sweet and angelic and wow. but then again, I am hungry and she’s preventing me from getting to the kitchen.

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