Week 7 Brain Dump

17 May

Our littlest child is smiling. At things, at us, mostly at the ceiling fan (what in the world makes them so fascinating?)  She is also? Not that little. I’m guessing she’s at least 12 lbs now. She has rolls, this little thing. She has a double chin, she has little rolls on her arms, on her legs. She is a little fat thing and I am totally adoring her.

She is sleeping for 4-6 hours at a stretch at night. I am greatly enjoying this fact but have been frightened to say it out loud for fear that it might stop. She still sleeps mostly on me but has been doing her night time stretches in the swing. Yes I know. Your not supposed to let your children sleep in the swing but I need sleep and that’s the way it is happening. I put the swing on it’s lowest setting, strap her in and put the heartbeat bear underneath for her to listen to. It works. I’m going with it.

She is clearly (from her weight gain) breastfeeding well. I’m pretty comfortable with breastfeeding anywhere. So far the patio set at Lowes has been the most comfy out of house experience. Although, I must say the lovely woman at the Lilac festival that let me borrow a chair and get out of the wind in her tent? She was spectacular. I’ve had pretty good experiences so far. Outside of a few people glaring at me. I mean how dare I feed my child in public. Especially when said child is covered completely by a blanket. Obviously I’m there to corrupt our youth and destroy life as we know it. Sorry mini-rant  there. But… most people have been pleasant and nice about  it.

Mr. Jeffrey? is such a wonderful handful. He’s full of brash energy and craziness. Three is a wild age, not totally sure if we’re all going to make it. He is starting to display some jealousy. Argh it’s frustrating. He has determined that he would like Mama. Now. For EVERYTHING!!! Right now! Why are you not moving!!

I’m trying to be calm and patient and that is proving to be difficult as I am still having mostly broken sleep. He is acting like a typical 3 year old and I need to remember that even if he has the vocabulary of a six year old, he’s still only three and I can’t expect everything out of him.

We had him reevaluated for physical therapy and he was found to have a severe delay. They’ll be starting services again soon. Probably once a week for an hour or twice a week for 30/45 minutes. So, I’m glad we had him evaluated. Right now, I’m waiting for the school district to get back to me with the availability of  a therapist and a determination of how often they’ll visit and whether it will be at home or at daycare.

So that’s all the news for now. Coming soon? Tales and pictures about our Day out with Thomas and how Jeffrey overcame his fear of bouncy houses.

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