Just to Remember

22 Apr

Things I want to remember:

  • How much easier breastfeeding is this time around. So much easier!  The pain is less, the discomfort is less, the time involved is so much longer but it’s totally worth it. On average Elena is eating anywhere between 10 and 14 times a day. At about a half hour per feeding? I’ll let you do the math for how much time I have a baby stuck to my boob.
  • That the first two or three minutes of breastfeeding are spent giving my boobs angry eyes. She glares at them like how dare they .give milk fast enough. After a few minutes, her brow relaxes and she calms down, her eyes settle and she just looks at me calmly.
  • How snug and small she is. She loves to curl up on our shoulders or chest and snuggle in. She is an excellent snuggler. I forget how amazing and wonderful it is to have a little bug snuggled up on my chest.
  • It’s amazing how much quicker this seems to be going this time around. I can’t believe that Elena is going to be 4 weeks old on Sunday. I remember how all of these weeks and stages seemed to stretch out forever with Jeffrey, this time around I already know how quickly time passes and it seems like I’ll be back at work and missing her in a flash.
  • I love the faces that Elena makes. She makes these horrid faces when she’s waking up and dreaming. She scrunches up her face and her nose and purses her lips. She’s gorgeous and beautiful and I am amazed by her.

I want to try and remember some of the simple little things about being home with Elena. Partly for scrapbooking, partly just for remembering, I want to make sure that I don’t forget all of the little stuff that happens during the time that I’m home with her.

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    Posted by on April 22, 2009 in Elena, General


    One response to “Just to Remember

    1. Kellie

      April 23, 2009 at 6:19 pm

      I BARELY remember those tiny, squishy baby days. Man, what I wouldn’t give to trade the tantrum throwing, spawn of the devil 3 year old I have 😉

      Alright. No. I wouldn’t trade her. But…man, those squishy baby days…awesome.


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