38 week update

21 Mar

I am tired. Very very very tired. I feel quite keenly that it is greatly unfair that I cannot sleep well in the final weeks/days that lead up to having this child. Because Lord knows we won’t be sleeping when she comes home.

I am at 38 weeks and counting. I am feeling really good. My pet peeve has become everyone telling me how unconfortable I must be and how “now I know how awful the last month is”.
The thing is? I’m really not that uncomfortable. I mean I have all the basic complaints of pregnancy, the horrible heartburn and not being able to breathe. And I certainly wish that I didn’t stand all day at work because my knees are killing me by the end of the day; but overall I feel really good. My worst thing has been this stupid cough that WILL NOT go away. It just sits all day and then at night springs up again. But it’s hard to blame that on the pregnancy since I’ve gotten bronchitis pretty much every winter since birth and this is just the way it goes.

We’ve almost got everything ready at home. I bought at new pack n play, we have it up and hopefully tomorrow I will wash some clothing for the baby. Brian has the drywall all up in the room and all that’s left to do is to prime and paint it. We’re going to paint it yellow until Alicia comes out and does another mural for us. It’ll all get done whenever it gets done, I’m just not that hyper about it. I’ve got to finish getting crap into a bag for myself at the hospital and more importantly for Jeffrey.

Anyway, just wanted to update on our progress. At this point we could have the baby whenever and it would be fine with me. Frankly my biggest annoyance is just that I’m eager to meet her and it’s weird not to know when it will happen. 🙂

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Posted by on March 21, 2009 in Elena, pregnancy


One response to “38 week update

  1. Jen Brugger

    March 22, 2009 at 9:21 pm

    i wish I could be one of those people that tell you how uncomfortable you must be, but never having made it this far…I can’t. Wish I could be there to listen to all your woes and to see what a 38 week belly looks like. Hope you go soon so you can meet Elena face to face and be on the road to recovery and rediscovery of your feet!


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