Sleep study – Our awesome little guy!

13 Feb

Remember a LONG time ago (last month, perhaps) I mentioned that Jeffrey needed to have a sleep study done? Ever since birth, Jeffrey has been a heavy mouth breather, snores horribly and generally sounds like he has a heavy cold all year round. I thought of him as our own baby Darth Vader. We’ve tried several methods to alleviate these symptoms such as steroids and other nasal treatments. Our pediatrician from very early on has been telling us that he appears to have large adenoids and may need to have them removed. 

Well, we finally went to see the ENT in December and after scoping out Jeffrey’s nose, informed us that he had Giant adenoids and extremely large tonsils as well. He wanted to remove the adenoids for sure and wanted us to schedule a sleep study to determine whether Jeffrey suffers from sleep apnea (which would lead him to remove the tonsils as well). The sleep study eventually got scheduled for last evening and we spent the night at the Pediatric Sleep Center.

Jeffrey did so well. I can’t even begin to tell you how proud I was of him. We got there at about 7pm last night and unpacked our stuff. You can bring just about anything you want that will keep your child comfortable and one parent can spend the night in room with him. We brought about eight stuffed animals and four or five blankets with us, along with some books to read before sleep. We had prepped Jeffrey for the past weeks about having a sleep over at the sleep doctor’s office; how they would put wires on his head and his body and that they would watch him sleep.
He was so awesome. They put leads on both of his legs. A band around his chest and belly, four leads on his chest and abdomen that attached to a box on another band around his stomach and a pulse oximeter attached to his finger also plugged into the box. Then on his head, there were about 14 leads in his hair and another four or five on his face. They gave him a nasal cannula with oxygen and then put a little hat on him to keep everything covered so he couldn’t pull it out accidentally. He sat there, calm as could be and let them goop him up. He didn’t fuss, he didn’t cry or argue. He just talked with the nurse about the colors of the wires. We did put two wires on Grr so that he could sleep with Jeffrey and not be afraid. I can’t even begin to tell you how proud I was. He was perfectly behaved and was very calm.

It took him a long time to fall asleep. My bed was basically at the end of his and we read some books before turning out the lights. He did his usual 45 minutes of banter and singing in the dark while I lay in my bed trying to be quiet and not disturb him. It was funny. He spent at least a half hour amusing himself by waving around his hand with the pulse oximeter on it. The pulse ox made his finger glow red and he was extremely amused by this. 🙂 I finally put my earbuds in and listened to my iPod while he settled himself down.

He woke up twice dureing the night. Once around 1am with a wicked nightmare. He wakes up (or at least his eyes are open) and just cries for like twenty minutes. It’s awful. He’s still asleep so you can’t really calm him down and I hate when it happens. I guess it was good to happen while they were monitering him though. They told me that he really was asleep the whole time. After about 25 minutes, he finally woke up and they unhooked him for a little while so he could sit in a chair and read a book with me.
He woke up again around three or so but this time, I just talked to him for a few seconds and he was back to sleep.

They woke us at 5:30a. Which, seriously? is just wrong. We gathered our stuff, I took him out to breakfast and we both went about our day. We should have results in two weeks when we go in for our results/pre-op visit at the ENT. Then finally, surgery and this will all be over.

Sorry this was SOO long, but again, I was just so proud of him. We have such a good little man and he did so well. I’m not sure that I would have been so calm if it had been me connected to fifty wires.

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One response to “Sleep study – Our awesome little guy!

  1. Bonnie Malek

    February 13, 2009 at 1:22 pm

    Roger has severe sleep apnea and sleeps every night connected to a machine with a face mask. He has had several sleep studies done and I can guarantee you that Jeffrey was a much better patient than Roger ever was!!! I am so glad the study went well and hope the surgery corrects the problem. You are so blessed to have such a wonderful little boy. Love Aunt Bonnie


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