Family updates

23 Jan

So yay, I am into my 30th week. Got my Rhogam shot today, brought Jeffrey with me to the ob’s office. He amazingly listened to my little speech about behaving and was an absolute angel for the office staff. He sat in the chair during the appointment, played with a tape measure offered to him and roared on command (He was wearing his dinosaur sweatshirt -complete with spikes on the hood). I was really proud of him.  He got to hear the baby’s heartbeat. “It sounds like a train”, so the baby is pretty cool now because she can already make train noises.

Just talked to my dad. My mother had her hip replaced today. She is out of surgery and into recovery. Awake and hopefully on the long road to being pain free. I’m very glad she finally had it done. This past year has been really hard on her and she’s gone from being a little gimpy to using a cane. She’s very active and it sucks to see someone unable to do the things they enjoy. You know- like walking.  Anyway, they say 2-3 months of therapy and she should be like new.

So with any luck in 2-3 months, we should be blessed with a new baby and a grandma that can actually walk around with the kids. Awesome.

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Posted by on January 23, 2009 in Family, Jeffrey


One response to “Family updates

  1. Rachel

    January 23, 2009 at 1:36 pm

    I’m glad things are going well! I hope your mom has a speedy recovery!


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