Holiday tidbits

31 Dec

Other random tidbits about the holidays.
I made Brian an acrylic book for Christmas. Filled it with pictures of us, his family and Jeffrey. Left room for a letter and a few notes just from me to him. It came out better than I had hoped and I think he really liked it.

Jeffrey telling us…

  • Before we called Aunt Bonnie to thank her for early Christmas gifts. He stood at the landing in the middle of our stairs and shouted “Good night Aunt Bonnie, Walk Carefully!” I have no idea why or what on Earth he meant, but it made Brian and I crack up.
  • On Friday, I returned home from work. I asked Jeffrey what he had done all day and if he had fun. His response? “I stepped in cat poop!” Apparently the cats couldn’t get to their litter box and it was unavoidable? He told everyone who walked in the door. He was so proud.
  • Brian is driving down the road and Jeffrey is demanding all these things be done for him. So Bri decides to turn it around on him. He tells Jeffrey that he needs to cook dinner tonight, or go to work in the morning etc. After each thing Jeffrey pauses and says “Nooo,” Finally Brian says you need drive to Wegmans for us. Jeffrey’s response? a long pause before ” Dada I can’t do that. I don’t have a steering wheel.” Because clearly if he had a steering wheel on that car seat, he’d be driving us all over.
  • We stopped by KB Toys shortly before Christmas. While in the store we passed some cars that had fallen off the rack onto the floor. Jeffrey took one look at them “What a mess.” and proceded to start picking them all up and putting them back on the shelf. All while singing the Clean Up song.
  • We are at Uncle Kevin’s birthday party. Jeffrey for one reason or another, chooses to hurl his milk over his shoulder onto the floor. We quickly scoop him up, Brian strips him because he’s covered in milk and I clean the floor. A few minutes later Jeffrey comes swooping out of the bathroom into the midst of everyone and shouts “I’m naked!” We didn’t have a change of clothes inside with us so he’s just in a diaper. He was so darn proud of himself and it was really very funny.

Those are all I can think of right now. Jeffrey is just at such a fabulous age. He is so vocal and independent and he’s just funny. Toddlers are so literal about things and his vocabulary is at such a place that he can really tell you what he thinks. He’s a joy. I could easily freeze him right where he’s at because he’s really just perfect right now. There are still days when I want to sell him to the gypsies but then he yells “Hello in there!” to my stomach and makes me laugh. I just want to remember as many of these instances as I can because our memories are all too fleeting and he’s growing up so fast. 🙂



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Posted by on December 31, 2008 in fun and games, happy, Jeffrey, parenting


One response to “Holiday tidbits

  1. Kellie

    December 31, 2008 at 9:14 pm

    He cracks me up!!

    I LOVE this age. Morgan kills me everyday with something she says or does.


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