Surgery, Pictures and Snow -Oh My!

22 Dec

We met with Dr. Hengerer last week. He is the ENT we were sent to so that we could determine what to do about Jeffrey’s adnoids and congestion issues. Who knew my child would do so well with having a camera stuck up his nose? Not I. He cried a bit but stayed relatively calm for an almost 3 year old. The doctor determined that he does indeed have HUGE adnoids and that they need to be removed. Apparently it’s quite a feat that he hasn’t been stricken down by multiple ear infections and assorted colds.

Moreover, his tonsils are also giant and may need to come out as well. This will be determined by whether or not he is suffering from sleep apnea. So we get to do a sleep study. Yay! I can’t imagine anything more fun that strapping my child with wires, instructing him not to rip them off and then asking him to fall asleep in a strange place. Whatever, I have been assured that they work with pediatrics quite often and will be able to facilitate this process. I trust our doctor so I’ll go with that.  So. The end of January will be the sleep study and sometime late February, early March will be the adnoid/possible tonsilectomy.

I’ll be glad when it’s all over. It’ll be so nice for him to actually be able to breathe. Also, I’d like it to be done prior to baby #2. Something tells me that toddler recovering from surgery and newborn would be a BAD mixture.

Finally got Christmas pictures done. Jeffrey did really well and we ended up with some awesome pictures. Brian is going to pick them up today so that we can get Christmas cards sent out (possibly in the same month as Christmas!)

And lastly? Snow sucks. I think we seriously need a snowblower. We borrowed our neighbors twice this weekend and I don’t think we can continue to do that all winter. We got about a foot and a half of snow between Friday and Saturday. Nothing otherworldly but geesh what an entrance for winter! Jeffrey helped Brian shovel on Saturday. Very cute, following Dada around outside, then he came in and had hot chocolate and read books with me.  🙂

And….. best news ever!  Or at least best news this week! Brian got a job offer. Starts on Jan 5th. Company sounds okay, the money is decent and Brian seems happy with it. It’s a six month temp to hire position but it looks pretty good.
So thank you to everyone that has let me vent to them about his job loss and concerns about finances. It really helped to have some shoulders to cry on. Hopefully this means I can stop worrying about our house and that daycare can finally get paid. Yay!!


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3 responses to “Surgery, Pictures and Snow -Oh My!

  1. Rachel

    December 22, 2008 at 6:43 pm

    I am so glad to hear about Brian!!! That’s awesome. I hope that makes Christmas a bit brighter for all of you!

    Alyssa had her adenoids out the past March. Her’s, like Jeffrey’s, were HUGE. Her ENT didn’t know how she could breath through her nose at all. He did say her tonsils were big too, but when she was in surgery, he discovered they weren’t as big as he thought, so he didn’t have to take them out. The surgery was so quick and she was fussy that day, but by the next day, she was much better.

    Be prepared for nasty breath and some extra snot for a couple of days. 🙂

  2. Kellie

    December 22, 2008 at 7:58 pm

    Horray, Brian!! That’s awesome news 🙂

    Awww….poor Jeffrey 😦 But, he’ll bounce back real fast.

  3. Jen Brugger

    December 23, 2008 at 1:20 pm

    I am over joyed for you and Brian. Merry Christmas will be had afterall!

    As for Jeffrey, good luck with the sleep study. I can only imagine how that will go. I hope he gets the sleep he needs and they get the results they need.

    As always, if there’s anything I can do…let me know!
    Lots of hugs and merry cheer!


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