Christmas happenings

12 Dec

We are having Christmas pictures taken tonight. We are lucky enough to have  a friend that works at Clix Portait Studio  so we’re getting a discount. They are also letting us bring our camera because they’re pretty sure it’s better than the one they use. Hopefully this means I get to keep the memory card with all of our pictures.

I sent Jeffrey to school in his clothing for the pictures. As the day wears on, I can only hope that they stripped him and put him in yucky clothes so that he stays presentable. On Wednesday he came home and his ear was purple. He had decided to color it with a marker.

We went and looked at some Christmas lights on our way home last night. There is a neighborhood by us that goes completely wild with their decorations. There are Santas, Creches, trees, ferris wheels, blow up penguins, you name it and it is somewhere on this street and at the end of the road there are always two neighborhood kids selling hot cocoa and popcorn. Later in the evening (we were there at around 5:30) there is usually a Santa dressed up waving to the cars. We used to drive by every year with the ambulance when we were still working at Gates. This was the first time Jeffrey had ever seen it.  He was quite impressed. He is not  happy that our house does not have Christmas lights on it. Every night he lets us know how we have let him down in this endeavor.

We still haven’t decorated the tree. I vow it will be done this weekend. With any luck we’ll be able to watch the Jets beat the Bills* on Sunday by the light of our beautiful tree.

*I’d rather be watching my Steelers beat the Ravens but I live in upstate NY where they do not care about my beloved team.

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