Ultrasound Take 2

21 Nov

So yesterday was our repeat anatomical ultrasound due to the presence of an echogenic bowel on the first.

Short version: Echogenic bowel was not visible on this ultrasound and they said it was very light on the previous one. So, panic subsiding, crisis averted. Basically what we expected but it’s always better to be careful. We didn’t get to talk to the doc at the appointment but he called last night and let us know that everything looked good. He said he could run our numbers for risks of Downs etc but that it would be some expression of under one percent and that we weren’t showing any of the other markers. I told him not to bother, I’m not going to feel any more or less comfortable just because our odds are 1 in 500 vs. 1 in 300.

It was nice to get to see our girl again. She’s gained 4 oz in the past week and a half, topping out at 15 oz now. The ultrasound lasted for about a half hour and the last few minutes she just started kicking the crap out of where the wand was. It was totally like “get out of my space!”  It was funny. She certainly is rolling around a lot in there. We got a really good look at her hear this time and let me tell you, it is so awesome! You can see all the chambers pumping and I just find it so fascinating. The tech told us that all of her internal organs are functioning now except her lungs. Pretty soon, she’ll start practicing to breathe and she said you’ll see all the organs jump as she tries to get the diaphragm ready for breathing. Pretty cool huh?

One other aside. This ultrasound was at Highland Hospital, which is where we’ll be delivering (hopefully). Highland is a part of Strong Health (which is the hospital where I work and where we delivered Jeffrey). The difference between the two places is astounding. Everything at Highland just seems more calm and relaxed. The techs and docs in the office were super nice and everyone was just pleasant. Even the parking lady was nice. It was like the whole place was bathed in some ethereal glow. Strong on the other hand, is like a factory. We have more people with worse injuries and get out of the way. It’s a much larger facility and you do have to move people through but I just found it funny the different atmospheres.


Posted by on November 21, 2008 in Elena, pregnancy


2 responses to “Ultrasound Take 2

  1. Rachel

    November 21, 2008 at 4:08 pm

    See! I told you it was nothing 🙂

    I’m glad the ultrasound turned out well!!

  2. Kellie

    November 21, 2008 at 8:56 pm

    So glad it was nothing and even happier you got to see Little Girl again! She sounds like a feisty little one 😉


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