Much better

13 Oct

First off, thank you all for the good things to think about because yes they all helped.

Next, the weekend went much better than the week. We had dinner with a co-worker of Brian’s on Friday night and had a very good time. On Saturday, we helped out the Paper Garden in the morning and then Bridget’s family was nice enough to watch Jeffrey for us while we went to a wedding.

Our friends Sue and Bob got married. It was a gorgeous wedding at a beautiful site and it was pretty much as perfect as you could get. We sat with people whose company we greatly enjoyed, filled the dance floor to Thriller, and really had a fabulous time. Plus, it’s always wonderful to go to a wedding where you just know that the couple is meant for each other. They’ve been together for a number of years already and it’s good to look at your friends and see how happy they’ll make each other.

It was actually just what I needed. I needed that jolt of how good things can be and a reminder of how lucky we are to have such fantastic friends, family and each other. It helped my mood considerably.

Two funny things for the weekend; One- Brian and I realized that this is probably the last wedding we’ll go to where music that we enjoy will be played. Cindy Lauper and Michael Jackson are just not mainstays at most weddings these days. Darn it too, because I like dancing to 80’s music.
Two- We picked up Jeffrey from Bridget and Dana’s house. It was late, he had been sleeping. Brian puts him in the carseat and then he just holds his head up and stares at us while we begin to drive. Brian finally tells him, “Buddy, just close  your eyes.” Boom, the head falls back and he’s out. If was as if he was waiting for permission to go back to sleep. Silly little thing.

Also, totally went down perfectly for naps both days. I was not involved in either experience. I am totally thinking it is me. He’ll go down for anyone else. Whatever, as long as he rests.


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3 responses to “Much better

  1. Kellie

    October 13, 2008 at 9:47 am

    I LOVE 80’s music. If Jimmy and I ever have a “real” wedding, you can rest assured we will be jamming to it 🙂 Get yer dancing shoes on!!

  2. Dani

    October 13, 2008 at 1:41 pm

    We’ll so be there!!

  3. Jen Brugger

    October 13, 2008 at 10:27 pm

    Glad you got a better weekend. I hope that you continue to have a better tomorrow with lots of laughter and smiles and naps, good naps.

    Go dancing, just you and Brian. You are both amazing parents and you deserve to go out and have some fun. I can only imagine that amount of laughter and joy it brought watching you guys at the wedding.

    Miss you!


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