Still homeless

28 Aug

We went and visited the house last night. The upstairs and the stairs look beautiful. The downstairs is all sanded and the floor guy says it will be another four days until it’s finished. He needs one day for repairs, one for the trim, one for the inlay and then he can’t put the finish down on the floor until the inlay and repairs are finished. Since he doesn’t work on Sundays, that means he’s coming over on Labor Day to finish everything up.
We’re going to try and move everything back into the upstairs over the next few days but I’m not really sure what we’re doing this weekend. Sunday we have a picnic to go to and won’t be able to be home (of course) but Saturday and Monday I’m kinda at a loss. We can move back in and sleep but I’m not going to be able to keep Jeffrey cooped up upstairs while he’s working below us. Not to mention just the noise and fumes. I’m thinking that one of the days we’ll go to Seabreeze and hang out. We have a membership so at least the admission is paid for. 
The crappy thing is just that since we can’t go home and cook, we’re eating out every night and it gets expensive. Plus we can’t actually move the downstairs until Tuesday so that means we’ll need to try and round up some friends to help so that we can see our kitchen again.

I’m just disappointed. I had hoped he would be finished by Friday and we could go back to the house. I’m physically and emotionally exhausted and I just want to sit on my own couch and relax. I’ll be happy with the finished product but right now the floor dude is not on my happy list.

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