Cautiously Optimistic, but we all know I’m a glass half empty sort of girl

22 Aug

Well the floors are half done. The floor guy (while very competent) is driving me crazy because he is a bit of a weird dude. He’s done nothing wrong he’s just … I don’t even know how to explain it but I’m hormonal and he’s irritating me.
We bought Jeffrey a bed. It won’t be here for 4-6 weeks but we’ll have the mattress (a twin) in the meantime.
I’m trying to find a place for us to crash next week. We will be able to “sleep” in our house but we have no kitchen, or toys, or television, or really anything other than a mattress. I am feeling very stressed and we’re driving down to pick up Jeffrey this evening. I really would like this whole ordeal to be finished now.

Work is a whole nuther cluster and it’s beginning to dawn on me that this pace and this stress level is likely to be the norm for the next probably year or so. Hopefully everyone will make it that far.

I went to the doc today. We talked about what the future holds. Seeing her every four weeks until about the 20 week mark, then we move to every two weeks so that she can check to make sure my cervix is happy and doing what it’s supposed to. Joy.
At week 16, we’re going to start doing weekly progesterone shots that apparently I can’t do by myself at home. I have to come in and have the nurse do it. I can see about two weeks of this before I scream that I am perfectly capable of jabbing myself in the ass and don’t need a weekly appointment for it. I’m not worried about the actual shots, I just hate that it’s another appointment. They are supposed to help prevent pre term labor and so I opted to be a pincushion. See the things I am already doing for Future-Child?
I have another ultrasound scheduled on the 3rd and we’ll check up on the status of the blood clot and cysts and whatnot.  Until then, pelvic rest (aka no sex) and try and relax and don’t stress.

I did get the okay to at least begin walking (if not jogging) again because I’m already starting to get winded walking from the parking lot and I’ve gained five pounds already. This all hinges on everything continuing to go well but I’m trying to be cautiously optimistic.

Anyway. Next week will be another week of low posting while we’re without a house but we’ll be back soon. And seriously? Who knew contemplating counseling would generate so much discussion? Thank you all for your comments, and I’m continuing to make an actual decision. We’ll see how long I can draw it out now. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

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Posted by on August 22, 2008 in craziness, pregnancy, Update


One response to “Cautiously Optimistic, but we all know I’m a glass half empty sort of girl

  1. Kelly

    August 26, 2008 at 10:06 pm

    I’m glad to see your doing well!! Too bad your kinda homeless though..that right there has got to be a big stressor! I’m still praying for you and the little one!


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