Weekend Excitement

05 Aug

Okay I feel awful today.
Not sure if the overhanging nausea is morning sickness or another symptom that’s accompanying the sore throat and overall crappiness but it can seriously move on. Had to come to work today. I’m on call and there are only two of us here. Jeffrey started sporting a runny nose yesterday which is what is also making me lean toward general sickness.

Had a good weekend. Friday, we went to dinner with friends. Famous Daves. This is the second time we’ve gone there and the service was just atrocious. The food was good but I’m never going back. One horrible waitress experience and I gave them a second try. This time though? We waited over 25 minutes to pay our bill. The waiter gave us our check then just disappeared. We tried to give it to the hostess (as we were trying to get to a movie) but she wouldn’t take it. Told us to wait for our waiter. By the time he finally showed up, we decided we weren’t waiting for a credit card to go through and scrambled enough cash to pay the bill. Basically he went from having a $15 tip to zero. Is it so much to ask to pay for your food and open up the table?

Went to see the X-Files movie. I wanted to like it more than I did. Personally I will never turn down an opportunity to see David Duchovny but I don’t know, it was a weird plot. Sorta had an organ transplant line to it and that just doesn’t fly with me, seeing as I work for transplantation. They get too many details wrong and it annoys me. It was okay but I would wait and rent it.

Saturday, we were supposed to go to Seabreeze but it was yucky outside so we met our friends at Strong Museum instead. It was fun, the kids had a really good time. Plus we haven’t seen Jen or Jenna in a long time! Still haven’t met Jen’s newest addition but hopefully we’ll catch up with her again before she goes back home to Florida.

Sunday we cleaned out the pantry to make room for all the furniture that must be moved when the floors are refinished. Brian reminded me that we only have 13 days!! He’s freaking out a bit too much. I think we’ll be fine and get everything moved but his head is popping off slightly.

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Posted by on August 5, 2008 in General


One response to “Weekend Excitement

  1. Mar

    August 5, 2008 at 4:30 pm

    When I finish up with school this week I’ll get the shipping blankets over to you for the furniture. Keith is getting them out of the attic for me. Hope you feel better and are up for dinner this weekend.


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