“What’s that?”

29 Jul

We went to the airshow this weekend. It was VERY LOUD!! Jeffrey wandered around the majority of the day asking “what’s makin noises?” with variations in his urgency and intensity. He really enjoyed the FedEx airplane (they gave him a sticker!!) as well as the yellow planes. He also greatly enjoyed the lemon ice I fed him while a terrifyingly loud F16 zoomed around. I’m not sure he actually noticed the jet, that’s how focused he was on Lemon. Ice. Mama. Please!

He’s obsessed with “what’s makin noises”. About fifty times a day that comes out of his mouth. Even though he’s staring at the cat, lawn mower, vacuum, car etc. he still asks over and over.

He’s also in the “what’s that?” stage. While pointing at things he clearly knows the name of.  If you don’t answer, he just laughs and says, “noooo, what’s that mama?” Because clearly he’s never seen a ball or a lamp before.

I’m not really sure whether to laugh or hand him to his father and go out for drinks. 🙂

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