This crazy week

26 Jul

This week feels like pure craziness. Just so much stuff going on I feel like my head is spinning. To start with my supervisor resigned two weeks ago and he’s only got one week left. So we’re all sort of running around trying to figure out how to do EVERYTHING that he does and it’s a little wild to say the least.

The stupid car is finally fixed and we have returned the rental. Woot! With five days to spare on the rental agreement.

The Hilton Carnival is this weekend and last night was the Parade. Brian took Jeffrey and he loved all of the firetrucks, candy, horses, candy, tractors, candy oh and did I mention candy? I missed most of the festivities because I was at a class at TPG.

Actually I took two classes this week. One is a group that I participate in called Not Your Ordinary Book Club (NYOBC) and the other was on Zen Doodling. Both were very cool.
Book club is neat because every month you get a new kit and book detailing a tecnique or style or basically whatever Pinecone Press wants to highlight. Everyone gets the same kit, we all take them home and then the next month we bring back something we did with the kit. it’s cool because everyone starts with the same materials but the projects or pages always end up so different.
The Zen Doodling was just a class. It’s a new thing we’ve been playing with. Very cool. The idea is you just doodle something and then start to fill it in with little doodles until all of the sudden you’ve spent 15 minutes and you have this cool creation and you’ve cleared your mind and just focused for a bit. Brian thinks it’s a gimmick but I rather enjoy it.

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One response to “This crazy week

  1. Debbie

    July 30, 2008 at 12:31 pm

    I think I went to that carnival last year!!! My cousins live in Hilton and we were there for a wedding this time last year and we went to a fair-type thing in their town.

    How funny is that? We’ll be heading up there for another wedding in October!


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