The Paper Garden- Part I

04 Jul

So. Remember a while back I mentioned that my scrapbooking mecca The Paper Garden was closing?

Here’s the deal. I got the email that the store was closing the same night that I had a class there. I went to the class and while I was there, I asked Bridget (the owner) what it would take to stay open. She told me “someone winning the lottery” and that if the business been a little more mature (ie open longer) that it would have been better prepared  to weather the storm.

I took my class. I went home. It was a Wednesday night. I tried to sleep and while I lay in bed, I just kept thinking about how awful it was that The Paper Garden was closing. I started to think about how important this store had become to me. It wasn’t just a place to go buy things, it had become a community that I depended on. Currently I take two classes a month there and also participate in a six hour evening crop on the third Friday of every month.  While I’m there, I get to talk with other women, other mothers and share stories and pictures of our lives. I’d also get ideas on how to scrapbook better and pick up and give tips to other people.
My time there is my time away from my family where I get to be me instead of mom or wife, but at the same time I get to cherish all of the memories that we’ve made together. In short it gets me away from my family for a few hours but it also makes me feel closer to my family. I just felt like when this store was gone, I was going to lose that one place where I felt like I had a community.

The next night I also lay in bed not sleeping, except this night I started going through our finances in my head until finally I got out of bed and came down to speak with Brian. I said that I really wished there was something we could do to help the store, and Brian agreed. He had mentioned before when I had come home from classes and the like, that Bridget seemed like a good businesswoman and it was sad to see small business always losing out to big box stores.
I told Brian that I thought we could help the store. I gave him some numbers, went through our finances more thoroughly and talked about maybe approaching Bridget and seeing if we could try to invest in the store to keep it open. To my complete amazement, Brian thought it would be good to look into. He thought that I should talk to Bridget, see how committed she was to closing and see how big “the lottery win” needed to be.

Once again, it reminded me of what an amazing man I am married to. Not only does he support me in my day to day life, he encourages me to branch out, take some risks and hold on to the things that are important to me. Every day I realize how amazing he is and how lucky I am to have found him.

The next day (Friday), I had a crop scheduled at the store and I planned on speaking with Bridget.

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One response to “The Paper Garden- Part I

  1. Kellie

    July 7, 2008 at 9:52 am

    Thank God I’m behind–if I read this and didn’t know parts two and three were waiting, I’d be all “Dani? Seriously? You can’t leave me hanging like this!!”.



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