Chemistry Is For The Birds

24 Jun

Today’s guest post is from Phonedad.

As I sit here and write this, I can look up at the green Chemistry Time! clock and be reminded that it’s Beryllium minutes after Neon. However, if I continue to look at the screen (as is helpful when I’m typing something so important as a blog post) and ignore the 4 other time-keeping devices within my periphery, how would I know what time it was?

Thank goodness we have this extra special Chemistry Time! clock. Because in 40 minutes – wait, I mean in Zirconium minutes, it will be Owl O’clock. Wha!?

Our clock had a mix up at the factory where they make Chemistry Time! clocks and Singing Bird clocks. You see, I bought Danielle this clock about 7 years ago for Christmas. I put batteries on it and we hung it in our kitchen. Then we moved, and it went into a box with all of the rest of our belongings. It stayed there until a few weeks ago when I pulled it out and put batteries back in it. That’s when I noticed the elusive 2nd battery compartment. Wow! Like finding $10 in your pocket when you’re doing the laundry! I put batteries in the other compartment and pushed the button to see what would happen. Would it chime the hours? Speak the elements? Impart wisdom from some other space and time? Nope. It coo’d like a morning dove. What do you even say to that.

It would be one thing if it chirps, coo’d, clucked or caw’d on the hour. That would make sense. Our clock alerts us at 5 minutes to the top of the hour. We’re not sending it back. We’ve kind of grown attached to it.

And who knows? It could have been worse.

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