A no good bad freaking day

20 Jun


I put a post up earlier or at least I thought I did where I explained that this week was crazy and that the stupid car decided to break a strut on Wednesday night.  We are going home for the Meehan family Christmas in June this weekend and I’m in a shitty mood. Read on.


Brian went to get the new struts put on the car. Because apparently you have to put them on in pairs

They took the old ones off.

Apparently the strut attachment on the car “disintegrated”. So we’ll get new ones of those to. It’s not like I haven’t already been raked over the coals for this freaking car.

Wait. Wrong.

The strut attachments? Backordered. Nationally backordered and already have been for TWO MONTHS!!!!

They have No Idea when they’ll be back in stock. But rest assured they’ll be going to dealers first. They’re looking for some used ones now, but are not optimistic about finding any.

So. The car is not driveable. And we have two jobs that pretty much Require us to each have a car. If Brian drops me every day it means that I do like an hour and a half to two hours of overtime per day and that we don’t get the baby until the doors of daycare are being closed for the night.

I am wavering between wanting to cry and needing to kick the shit out of something.



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Posted by on June 20, 2008 in Farking cars!, rant


One response to “A no good bad freaking day

  1. Bethany

    June 20, 2008 at 10:08 pm

    I would say kick the car but something else would probably break! Pound on some pillows instead.


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