Frankenstein gets fried

12 Jun

Yesterday I get a phone call from Brian. “Can I have Tommy’s number? There’s something wrong with the car.”
I give him the number, ask what is wrong with the Frankenstein car and am rewarded with words like “smoking” and “burning smell”.

It’s as if this car wants to be driven off a cliff or bashed upon with large blunt objects. We officially Hate the car.

Thankfully we procured a AAA membership when (was it only two weeks ago?) the car decided to die in a random parking lot. This was of course later found to be an issue with the battery being drained by the constantly on GPS unit.  Anyway, AAA towed the car to our mechanic.

The initial (and I believe current) diagnosis is that the air conditioning clutch?? seized and caused the serpentine belt to heat up (thus the burning smell) and smoke as it attempted to keep moving. So a number of parts will need to be replaced and hopefully it will be fixed by the end of today. Of course that’s assuming that Tommy can figure out what year all the parts are from… Stupid car.
We could choose to not fix the air-conditioner but seeing that Brian drives to customers all day in a shirt and tie and with it being summer and all, it’s probably best to fix the darn thing.

This of course has led to a new round of “I hate this car” and debates of when would be the best time to trade it in (answer: not now). We only paid $6500 for it and I’m just trying really hard to insure that we only have one set of car payments at a time.

So time will tell, hopefully it won’t be too expensive this time and it’ll get done today. Maybe if we’re lucky we’ll even have enough cash to cover it. 🙂

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Posted by on June 12, 2008 in Farking cars!


One response to “Frankenstein gets fried

  1. Rachel

    June 12, 2008 at 12:19 pm

    UGH!! Cars!! They can make you crazy when they need repairs!


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