Home unsick

15 May

Jeffrey got kicked out of daycare yesterday with a 100+ fever and I brought him home. One dose of Motrin and he’s been fine ever since. Of course our daycare’s policy is 24 hours without a fever so he can’t go back until this afternoon. And it doesn’t make sense for me to drive him to daycare at noon and then worry that he’ll get sent back home again. So we’re home sick. I called about seven people last night in the hopes of not having to take the day off; to no avail. Oh well.

Tomorrow’s going to be a killer of a day. I was already behind when I left yesterday and now I’ve added another eight hours onto it. I’m also on call today so Brian is going to go in and pick up the pager some time today.

Anyway, we’re home. Jeffrey is currently trying to put together a puzzle, build a train set and read a book all at the same time. He’s so darn cute it almost hurts. Yesterday he clearly wasn’t feeling up to par and he was very clingy. I think we read about 20 books four times each. Too bad that doesn’t count for the book binge. He drives me crazy when he’s clingy like that because I want to be able to stand two feet away from him without him breaking down. But… it’s also so sweet to ralize that I can make his world feel better. It makes me feel like a pretty good mom.

Speaking of being a good mom, I should probably get off the laptop and play with my boy. Plus he’ll be needing lunch and a nap soon (me too!)

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