Weekend Madness

22 Apr

We had a crazy busy but quite successful weekend.

Friday night I went to Midnight Moonflowers (my monthly scrapbooking extravaganza) from 6p until midnight. I got four pages completely finished and two more almost done. I’m working on Jeffrey’s journey through the NICU. So they’re not the most technically amazing pages but they have a lot of journaling about what was going on. I’m hoping someday it can be something he has to look back on and share with his family.

Saturday was the annual Margaret’s House Family Fun Day at Springdale Farm. We met all of his teachers and fellow students at the farm, played on the playground and visited all of the animals. We went last year as well and it was fun to see the change since last year in how he interacted with the other kids and the animals. He had great fun running through the barn because is was a “tunnel.” He was quite excited to feed the goats and look at the cows. It was a fun time and an absolutely gorgeous day.
After the farm, we ran home to grab our birthday gift and headed off to the bowling alley. Our neighbor, Ryan, was turning five and having his party there. Jeffrey tried his hand at bowling. I believe his final score (with a little help from dad) was 32. It was funny to watch how s-l-o-w-l-y the ball rolled towards the pins. Twice it stopped and one of the employees had to run down and get it moving again. Once the kids got bored with bowling we moved off to food and gifts. Of course for Jeffrey the best part of the party was the pizza and cake. We all know how much Jeffrey loves cake.
Upon arriving home from the party we put Jeffrey down for a nap and headed outside. With a little help from our neighbors tractor, we pulled out all of the plants in front of the house and the evil bushes on the side. The evil bushes were growing up under the siding and have proven very tricky to destroy. I pulled out all of the border stones around the flower beds and now we just have a pleasant empty front flower bed. We’re hoping to put some shubs and maybe a border of railroad ties. There is a small chance we will not look like the redneck neighbors this year. Woot!

Sunday was another busy day. We got up early and headed out to the Niagara Fashion Outlets. The nice weather hit us and suddenly I realized that I only had about three short sleeved shirts for Jeffrey and only heavy fleece sleepers. Also everyone I know is having a baby this summer and I want to get tham all stuff.  So we spent most of the day shopping and when we returned home the neighbors were waiting with rakes.
You can’t really go inside and relax when your neighbor is willing to rake up the leaves in your yard. So Tom and Jill helped us rake and mulch up all the dead leaves in our back yard. With their help we may actually grow grass in our back yard this year.  Then we all decided to cook out in the backyard. The kids played and we had hamburgers and hots from the grill. It’s nice to have good neighbors that you can hang with and help out.

So it was a good weekend. We are tired out from it but we’re on a path to making the house look better. Woo hoo!

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Posted by on April 22, 2008 in craziness, General, housing


One response to “Weekend Madness

  1. MaryP

    April 25, 2008 at 7:10 am

    I’m in envy of the scrapbooking thing. I really need to do something crafty again. I’m getting the itch — and we have a TON of pictures in boxes. Good for you for doing it in a systematic way. That journal/scrapbook will be a wonderful memento.

    Niagara Outlet Mall? I shopped at one of those when I lived in Buffalo, but that was over twenty years ago, so it’s probably long gone. But I now have happy memories of buying my first pair of teeny-weeny (CHEAP) baby Osh-Kosh overalls. Awww…


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