06 Mar

I realize that it’s been some weeks since Jeffrey has turned two, but I wanted to give it some time to sink in before I commented on it.

He’s learned the word no. He uses it very forcefully and appropriately although I very rarely listen. Just because he says no to bed doesn’t mean I’m going to obey. After all, I’m the Mama here.

He loves to sing. He sings the ABC song, Old MacDonald (E-I-O*), Twinkle twinkle, This Old Man (This Owe Mane*), I’ve been working on the railroad (Rai-roa*), On Top of Spaghetti, Ring around the Rosie (ashie ashie, kaboom!*) and plenty more that I can’t remember at the moment.
*= in Jeffrey-speak

He loves to hid una covers (hide under the covers) which includes everything from bedsheets to restaurant napkins. He has a glorious little smile that just warms your heart as he uncovers for you.

When an animal in a book has food, he pretends to eat it and pretends to feed other animals or you. He makes this little chomping noise while he does it.

He recognizes directions. He knows which way we turn out of Margarets house that will take us past the train tracks and requests to go home via the airport tunnels. He knows how to get the the Little Gym and gets mad when we drive past when he wants to go. Everytime we go past he yells “Little Gym” out the window to the building. Only two and he’s a backseat driver.

He loves bananas more than cookies. He hates broccoli and doesn’t like hamburger. (These change sometimes on a daily basis) He loves chicken and soup and to eat on his own.

He’s growing out of the high chair and into booster seats.

He loves puzzles and he’s really good at them. We do them almost every night when we’re not making choo choo tracks that lead everywhere.

He adores books and requests that we read specific books to him. He also will sit and read to himself if we are busy. He particularly likes Richard Scarry books and the Toys to Grow On catalog.

He has several stuffed animals that he carries around constantly. Grr; is his constant companion. Often he is soggy and gross to the touch but Jeffrey loves him intensely. Penguin, Whoo Owl, Giraffe and Baby all spend their nights in bed with him but they also come out to play when necessary. Monkey is a new addition and we play with him everynight at bedtime before we curl up to sleep. At school, Jeffrey has White Kitty. He carries it around from the second he walks in until he leaves for home. He would be extremely distraught without it. Daycare steals it and washes it every Monday for him.

He is full of Dra-ma! Last week he told me he had a broken nose after he grazed it past a cabinet. Thank goodness I was able to kiss it better. In the ensuing days he has had a broken head, a broken arm and other assorted ailments. We really try not to make a big deal when he bumps into things but I think perhaps daycare is making a bit of a fuss.

All in all, he’s growing more and more fun with each passing day. Jeffrey has a wonderful sunny personality and it’s interesting to watch all the little facets start to show through. I would freeze him right now if I could. He’s happy even if he’s demanding. He’s willing to cuddle and loves to curl up in your lap to read. He kisses his stuffed animals even if he won’t kiss me and I love every moment of him.


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3 responses to “Two

  1. Kellie

    March 6, 2008 at 1:37 pm

    What a wonderful post!! Print this out and add it to his baby book.


  2. Rachel

    March 10, 2008 at 11:35 am

    What a sweet post! It will be nice to read this in a year and see how much he has changed!

    The toys to grow catalog. Is that Fisher Price? If so, Alyssa has that catalog and LOVES it!!! She turns the pages and says “WOW”!

  3. Kelly

    March 13, 2008 at 6:08 pm

    How cute!! This is an awesome post..what great memories and a “snapshot” of his life at 2! I agree with Kellie..print it and put it in his baby book!


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