Fears and Questions

16 Jan

Okay Jeffrey has suddenly out of the blue become afraid of things. This is causing some issues because…

  1. He’s never displayed this before and I keep trying to fling him toward the source of his terror. Thus traumatizing him for life.
  2. I don’t know what to do about abject fear of bouncy things and parachutes. 
  3. Dude, he would totally love these things if he wasn’t busy telling me to go away from it.
  4. We bought him a bouncy house for Christmas.

A few weeks ago we went to the Little Gym. They had a giant blow up thing that the kids walked, jumped, bounced and rolled down. He shrieked in terror. “No, no, no” and pulling me toward the door. “Upie” he demanded. I held him and he clutched me like they were going to tear his arms off. I tried to put his feet on it. He screamed. I tried to sit on it with him. He screamed. I stood next to it and we watched the other kids. He screamed but showed a slight bit of interest in the other kids. Who were having a BALL by the way. This process repeated last week when it was there again. Only this time after it was put away, he would stare at the deflated thing and keep a four foot berth between himself and it at all times. He stared at it like if he didn’t look, it might come after him.

The following week, they had the parachute out. This, I at least got him to touch and then finally run underneath and have fun.

Um and the bouncy house at home. Totally won’t go near it.

So question time:

What the heck do I do about this? Will it just go away? Should I not push it and just ignore the fact that he’s afraid of these things? I hate seeing him so upset about things that would be so much fun for him. Plus it’s driving me crazy because previously he had no fear of anything. Also, did I totally traumatize him by forcing him to touch the scary bouncy thing?

It’s not fair. Everytime you get them all figured out they move into the next stage.


Posted by on January 16, 2008 in Help!, Jeffrey


3 responses to “Fears and Questions

  1. Kellie

    January 16, 2008 at 9:59 pm

    I know it’s totally different, but Morgan had a fear of big trucks. Even if said big truck was just a loud pick-up. So, I made a game of it. Anytime we’d pass a big truck on the roads, I’d flap my hands like a bird and screech “HI BIG TRUCK!” Anytime the garbage/recycling trucks are here, we have to run to the sliding glass door and watch (all the while waving and screeching “HIIIII!”).

    Again…I know it’s not the same. But, I made a game of her fear. By being silly, she learned that it was okay. She was afraid of the tunnel on her Dora hut. After Mommy went in it (and got her large rump stuck in the damn thing), Morgan decided it was okay.

    She’s also afraid of the buzzer when the dryer finishes. If it goes off, she will SCREAM and run to wherever I am and try to climb into my armpit. That? Is now a big bumble bee. In the last few days, anytime it goes off, she says “bzzzzz”.

    Sorry I’m not much help.


  2. happyworkingmom

    January 17, 2008 at 9:20 am

    I wish I had some advice, but I have no idea. Sometimes we push our kids towards things they are afraid of (my daughter hated her big ducky bathtub when she was little, but after we pushed her in it for 2 days she never wanted to get out of it) and sometimes we just stay away. I don’t know how we decide which to do when.

    I hope he gets over his fears…they can be very annoying when he’s supposed to like something that brings joy to kids but instead runs away from it! At least he’ll have something to laugh about when he’s older 🙂

  3. Rachel

    January 18, 2008 at 2:16 pm

    Just keep trying a little at a time. It’s like trying to get kids used to a big swimming pool. It takes time. It’s normal for him to be afraid of things, but most of those things he would love if he gave them a chance so keep trying.


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