Happy 2008

02 Jan

Welcome to 2008!

Wow. Another year gone by and it’s already time to make resolutions for the next one.

Before I make new resolutions I thought I would go to the way back machine and see how last year’s worked out.

The successes: I blogged a lot more than previously. I learned how to play videos. I adore my family and I think I’m more patient and nicer to them, and on most weeks, I made it to the gym 4+ times.

The failures: I never actually made it to my book group. Which is sad because I loved those ladies and miss hanging out and getting good book tips. I consider my desire to spend more time outside with Jeffrey a failure because we took very few bike trips and I had wished for many more.

I didn’t do too bad. So for this year, it’s more of the same. Here are my hopes and desires for the coming year.

  • Figure out how to fix the blog so that everything isn’t double spaced. I’m sure no one else notices this but everytime I hit the return key it double spaces. I hate that.
  • Bike more with the boys. Once it gets light out in the evenings, I want to pile on the bikes and put on some miles.
  • Figure out how to eat more together as a family.
  • Actually eat healthier foods. I’m pretty good at making sure that Jeffrey gets a good diet, but I’m not so good about myself.
  • Keep working out. But be a little easier on myself when my body just doesn’t cooperate. I need to realize that sometimes the fibro just kicks my ass and I need to respect it.
  • Finish or at least continue working on Jeffrey’s scrapbook.
  • Actually remember to do the Fun Monday blogging.
  • Get more sleep. We’re hoping to add to the Meehan household again this year and I think I’m going to need all the rest I can get.

So. We’ll see how I do with this list. The food thing is going to be a challenge. Hope everyone had a happy happy New Year and enjoys all the gifts that life has brought to us.


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4 responses to “Happy 2008

  1. Rachel

    January 3, 2008 at 12:02 pm

    Ooooooooohhhh!!! I hope when you say you are adding you do not mean another kitty! Good luck in 2008 with all of your resolutions!

  2. Jen Brugger and Victoria

    January 5, 2008 at 11:04 am

    You have a better list than I do…mine is still blank!

    Wait…ADDING ON TO THE MEEHAN FAMILY???????? OH my gosh…I can’t wait for that news. I am so happy for both of you…yeah, rest up now, you will need all the sleep you can get.

    Congratulations on kicking caffeine. I know that can be hard, with the headachs and all, but you are a strong person, you survived delivering Jeffrey. You can do anything!

  3. Kellie

    January 5, 2008 at 11:04 pm

    Your list of stuff for ’08 is great 🙂 Several of them need to go on my list!!

    Adding to the family, huh? Brave. Oh so braver than I. I’m scared. I want to and I don’t want to. Someone needs to make the decision for m!!

  4. Lucky Gem

    January 6, 2008 at 11:35 pm

    I didn’t make any resolutions, but I have wanted to make a scrapbook for my baby girl. She turns 1 the 22nd!


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