26 Nov

Had a fabulous Thanksgiving. Will tell all soon.

In the meantime… remember how we’re getting a new roof? Notice how much rain we’ve had lately?

My F*%#$^ Roof is leaking!!

Into my bedroom!  All over my extraordinarily expensive cherry bed!!!

Apparently, at some point over the holiday, the tarps on the roof slipped (or something, I don’t know) and rain began to seep into my bedroom.

The paint on the wall is bubbled out and there is an approximately 6 foot square of water damage to the ceiling. There are nasty yellow drip stains on my bed quilt, all over the laundry and on the headboard of our bed.

So far, Brian has left three messages with the contractor. This had better get taken care of or my head is going to explode

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Posted by on November 26, 2007 in Help!, housing, rant


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