Fun Monday: Holiday Traditions

05 Nov

Okay a lot of of the bloggers I read participate in Fun Monday. I thought I’d throw my hat in and join the fray plus it’s a way for me to fulfill my obligations to NaBloPoMo. This weeks host is The Humble Housewife. Go there and check out all of the participants.

The topic this month is…   to hear about or see a holiday tradition, recipe or event. It can be any holiday you like or that is special to your family. With Thanksgiving and the Winter holidays coming up, those would be especially apt, but anything that is special for your family is fine. If you have pictures – it’s a bonus! Whether it’s your Mom’s famous stuffing recipe, going caroling on Christmas Eve, Diwali dances, or even the inevitability of Great Aunt Polly having one too many brandies and knocking over the Christmas tree – I want to hear about it!!!

My Holiday Tradition… Well being a relatively new family unit, we have very few traditions so far. Instead I will tell of the tradition we had when I was a child that I treasured.

When I was younger my parents, cousins and assorted family would all go to our church for Christmas Eve service. Afterwards we would go to my Aunt’s house to eat and exchange gifts. After dinner and before gifts we would go through this elaborate tradition where we would all bring things to read that represented the spirit of Christmas. Someone would always read from the bible, my uncle would always read the Night Before Christmas. Everyone else would read various passages or things that they had picked up over the past year. Sometimes someone (one of the kids or my dad) would play their instrument.

I’m not sure why I found this tradition to be so special. I remember my mother, aunt and I all looking to find the “best” reading in the weeks leading up to Christmas. It always made me excited to look for new things and to hear what everyone else had come up with. It made every Christmas extra special for me and I was really disappointed when it came to an end.

***The Concert was AWESOME!!!!!! I will tell all tomorrow once I’ve had more rest and can think straight.

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Posted by on November 5, 2007 in Fun Monday, NaBloPoMo


One response to “Fun Monday: Holiday Traditions

  1. Tiggerlane

    November 6, 2007 at 4:31 pm

    Cool tradition – we just don’t real REAL books and poems since the age of computers.

    Can’t wait to hear about the concert! Bon Jovi is hotter than he was when I was a teenager..HAWT.


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