Couches and more.

17 Oct

We went and looked at couches last night. We found a couple we’re interested in but we didn’t buy yet. We’re in slightly different frames when it comes to couches. I want a sectional (maybe) with a chaise that I can lounge on. If we don’t get a sectional then I at least want one reclining part for me. Brian is cool with a sectional or a regular couch but it has to be a tall back because “he is tall and doesn’t want to have to put a pillow behind his head.”

This of course eliminates 90% of all couches. Mostly all the sectionals that I like. But whatever, he has to enjoy it too.

We did find a nice leather couch which I may be leaning toward. It has a recliner in it. It’s “tall” enough for Brian. Leather cleans up easily. Of course it’s also the most expensive.

Choices, choices. We told them we’d come back next week and decide. The salesguy was cool and not too pushy. I hate overly aggressive sales people. I refuse to make a decision just because their breathing down my neck.

Ohhh, and… I found a really wine rack cabinet. I’m thinking of maybe investing in it as well.  

Anyway, I’ll post pictures of everything when we make a decision!

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