You are getting sleepy

16 Oct

I still am not sleeping well. I am sick of not sleeping well.

Every morning I wake up and I feel as if I never went to sleep. It’s getting annoying. I am taking my muscle relaxants, my anti depressants, occasionally some pain killers and frequently nothing at all. None of these seem to make any difference. I’m supposed to have a sleep study done, but I’m lazy and haven’t made the appointment yet. I know. I’m the one who approached my doctor about it. Now I’m dropping the ball. I’ll call soon.

So if I start to sound loopy, it’s from lack of good sleep.

In better news, I’m enrolled in a fibromyalgia pain study here at the U of R. I have no idea of any of the details, but I’m hopeful that it may lead to some advances over this wretched condition. The study will require me to go off of all my medication, which I’m a little nervous about. The muscle relaxants and the pain stuff I can deal with but the happy pills make me a little umm crazy?. It’s all for the greater good, right? I’ve going to get a time table before I really decide to commit to the study. A few weeks or a month I can deal with but much longer and I might hurt some people.

The boy is doing well. Cute as a button and getting pretty quick on his feet. I love him so much. He’s truly a gift.

We’re buying a new couch. Possibly tonight. The old one is broken on one side and fixing it costs more than a new couch. (Stupid!??!?) It has been broken for about two years but we’ve finally decided we can’t take it anymore. So off to Raymour and Flanigan tonight to look at new ones. woot.

Maybe all I need is a new couch to sleep on and all my problems will disappear.


Posted by on October 16, 2007 in General, Update


2 responses to “You are getting sleepy

  1. Kellie

    October 17, 2007 at 9:39 am

    Not sleeping sucks–get that appointment made PRONTO!!

    If this study can help find more of a cure for fibromyalgia, going off everything may be the best thing. But, only you can decide if it’s best for you.

    Horray for new couches!! Our’s are only two years old and already I’m itching for a new one.

  2. happyworkingmom

    October 17, 2007 at 1:30 pm

    Did you get a couch??? I want to see pictures!!! We need a new couch, but probably won’t get one until all of our kids are not babies anymore spilling stuff all over them!


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