Alex Bay and Cookies

29 Aug

Okay,  so have I mentioned crazy busy? Yeah, and then some.  Let me begin with Alex Bay. Brian left for Atlanta and Jeffrey and I headed up to Alex Bay with Liane and Scott. We had a spectacular time. Jeffrey was an angel and I drank more than I have in the past two years. combined. Once Jeffrey was down to sleep we went out to the clubs on Friday and Saturday night. I forget how much I LOVE to dance. Scott and Liane’s friend Keith came with us so I wasn’t totally the third wheel. Plus he gave me someone (non skeevy) to dance with.  Jeffrey got to see lots and lots of b-boats and we took him to the parade on Sunday. I was really glad that we decided to go up.

Daycare was closed last week for their annual staff development and repainting of Margaret’s House. I had arranged alternative care with Marc and Heidi for all of the week except Monday. (Three cheers for Marc and Heidi!) On Monday, Jeffrey was staying with other friends (Angela, that I work with and her husband Mark). Since it was such a long drive (they live at the polar opposite of town from us) and the fact that I start work at 7:30am, we decided that the best option was for me to go over Sunday night and spend the night. It worked really well, Angela and I drove to work together and left the van for Mark and their kids to use. Jeffrey had a really good day and it worked out well for us.

Finally, we got home again on Monday night. What were we faced with? Just guess. Cat vomit, cat litter, cat pee and of course we’re almost out of cat food. Sometimes I hate the cats. I had someone feeding them but I had forgotten about the litter boxes. They were a little annoyed that they were dirty. Anyway, I put Jeffrey to bed, cleaned up and fell asleep.

The rest of the week, Jeffrey went to Heidi’s and I would come get him and hang out in the evening. It was great to visit but our house was getting a little out of control. But…. Mark made cookies and really that made everything better. yum.

I love cookies. Anyway that was the week, I’ll tell you about this past weekend in the next post. It’s funny how tiring it is to explain that I am tired. whatever.

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One response to “Alex Bay and Cookies

  1. Kellie

    August 29, 2007 at 2:46 pm

    Oh right….I forgot….

    Love the new header 🙂


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