Incidents and Explosions

15 Jul

So the flag store, Stars and Stripes? Yeah, it’s closed on weekends. Guess I’ll have to stop by after work and get one. I realize that it would be very easy to just go buy a flag at WalHell or Target but I’d really like my money to go toward the Veteran’s Outreach instead of large corporate conglomerate.

Onward to Corn Hill Arts Festival. We were looking for Roland Metal Art. We saw them at the Lilac Festival this year and had inquired about a gift for our daycare providers. All of their pieces are created by welding spikes, rods and pieces of steel together to make scenes for different professions. They didn’t have what we were looking for but they said they would be happy to make us custom pieces. On Friday Brian got an email saying that our pieces were done and that they would be at Corn Hill. They made us two pieces for our daycare providers from Infant 1 and they were just perfect! The first one shows a big person feeding a little one in a high chair and the second one shows a big person giving a bottle to a little one in a rocking chair. I think that Ana and Julie will really like them. Afterward we wandered around the festival, bought a few more gifts and listened to some bands play. We decided to head on home when it began to rain.

Now we move on to the disastrous portion of our day. If you don’t have children you probably won’t appreciate this and should possibly turn back now.

We were almost home when a familiar smell filled the van. I turned to look at Jeffrey and … poop had shot out of his diaper all over the car seat. This alone was enough for me to freak out but then he stuck his hands in it and put them in his mouth. I started screaming. Upon realizing that this was not food, Jeffrey flung his hand and I watched as poo flew across the van to stick onto the opposing window. I continued freaking out, possible increasing the volume of my hysteria. Brian is asking whether we should stop or continue toward home. Luckily, he wasn’t freaking out like I was, and had the vision to call Marc and Heidi (whose home we were very close to) and request an emergency landing. Marc gave us their garage code and we flew to their house. Brian took Jeffrey straight into the bath and I attempted to get the car seat clean. Marc arrived home a few moments later and he helped me get the car seat out of the car and taken apart. Everything went into the washing machine and a few minutes later we had a clean baby, a clean van and a car seat that was on it’s way to cleanliness. All in all, the hysteria was unnecessary. I just didn’t know where to touch.

Thank God we have friends we can turn to when our child explodes.

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Posted by on July 15, 2007 in eww!, Jeffrey, Update


One response to “Incidents and Explosions

  1. Kellie

    July 15, 2007 at 1:39 pm

    Oh. My. GOD!!

    A) I’d have freaked out, too

    B) I’d have thrown up for sure

    C) I need to move closer to friends/family in case something like this ever happens, I’d have an emergency landing place.

    D) Oh. My. GOD!


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